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Next-Gen WebCDN

Exceed the limitations of typical CDNs, which can’t easily cache dynamic content. Jump to sub-second performance with the ability to cache all content at the edge and preload the content a user is most likely to click.

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EdgeJS builds performance end-to-end by empowering developers to configure edge services directly from their JavaScript code. EdgeJS is the world’s first JavaScript-configurable CDN, making programmable CDN edge part of the development life cycle.


Image Optimization

Balance image quality against performance to provide the optimal experience for your users. Deliver large, high-quality images for desktop users and smaller lower-quality images for mobile users from the same source image. Transformed images are cached at the edge to improve performance, bringing optimized images closer to your users.

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Predictive Prefetching

Deliver the best possible delivery performance by extending the edge all the way to the browser. Speed the user’s browsing experience by prefetching pages and API calls from the edge cache they are likely to need.

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Traffic Splitting

Direct and control traffic without disruptions or performance penalties by executing splits at the edge through an easy-to-use, powerful interface. Traffic splitting can be used for A/B testing, canary deployments, Blue/Green deployments, iterative migration off of a legacy website and personalization.

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Get the insights you need. Powerful dev tools, real user monitoring (RUM) analytics, web-based streaming logs, observability by app route, unified UI, and monitoring of delivery performance and security are part of best-in-class observability tools.


Serverless Compute

Develop, test and deploy the serverless functions you need, with or without a JavaScript framework. Roll out sites with over a million pages and endure traffic spikes with a serverless JavaScript tier that intelligently buffers and replays requests. Execute API calls at runtime and ensure fast response for dynamic web pages by executing inline on-the-fly server-side rendering.

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