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Edgio and Grabyo: Driving Future Innovation in Broadcasting Together

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I have a cousin who plays soccer overseas, defending his team as a midfielder. I’d love to be able to see him live every game, but alas, proximity and life’s other responsibilities prevent me from doing that. But there is a solution that would make me feel like I’m there cheering for him in the stands thousands of miles away.

A recent partnership between Edgio’s Uplynk and Grabyo is now giving smaller venues the ability to offer a live broadcast for their audiences that is a whole lot better than it was before. Bringing a wealth of experience to the deal, the dynamic streaming media platform known as Edgio Uplynk first hit the industry back in 2012, changing the way broadcasters like Disney stream video.

The collaboration gives Uplynk’s customers the ability to ingest, encode, manage, monetize, secure, distribute, and monitor streaming services, now using a cloud-based platform that puts powerful video production tools at your fingertips. With Grabyo, customers can create live productions, events, highlight reels and video clips in any aspect ratio from anywhere in the world, using just a web browser. This capability eliminates the need to deploy large teams on site and in studio, which significantly reduces production costs and carbon footprint Edgio’s Uplynk team brings to the partnership experience in conducting extensive testing at scale, using a high-capacity Content Delivery Network (CDN) to support multi-CDN workflows and delivery.

Delving into What this Partnership Brings Customers

For Highlights, Grabyo provides unlimited capacity for live video clipping and will sit in front of Uplynk, so customers can ingest video with Grabyo to create high-quality short-form videos and compilations, assisted by its AI logging and highlights tools, before publishing to Uplynk where ads can be stitched and then distributed to end viewers.

On the live production side, Grabyo’s collaborative cloud production platform reimagines the traditional TV studio in a seamless, browser-based control room. It offers the scale, flexibility and features required to meet the needs of digital, social, and broadcast teams like those managing university teams and smaller-scale venues.

The platform can scale from single operator digital streams to multi-camera productions with a larger remote team, combined with its integrated live clipping, editing, and publishing tools. Create a live broadcast and all of your highlights on one platform.

With the recent introduction of SCTE-35 marker insertion from Grabyo, cloud production users can create ad breaks to monetize their live video across linear broadcast, FAST and OTT platforms. The platform supports live feeds from on-site cameras, audio sources, remote guests, or mobile field kits, with ingest and distribution streams up to 50Mbps, 1080p/60FPS using leading video protocols including SRT, Zixi, RIST, RTMPs, HLS and RTP.

Like Edgio, Grabyo is all about driving future innovation for its customers and creating flexible solutions. The company was created with one idea in mind–to transform video production and make it faster, simpler, and more accessible to create professional video output.

Now with Edgio’s Uplynk and its power to integrate seamlessly, that quality broadcasting experience will be delivered more efficiently. It’s a win-win for sports fans, movie watchers, and news junkies all over the world…even on my cousin’s “football” pitch.