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Edgio at IBC2023: Reducing Time-to-Market and Driving Operational Scale

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In just a few weeks, Edgio returns to IBC Show at the RAI, Amsterdam (September 15-18) after making its IBC debut last year – one of the media industry’s biggest and most important business and technology events.

We’re incredibly excited to be back in Amsterdam, engaging with our global customers, partners, and friends from across the industry. IBC is always a busy and productive show for technology companies and media business leaders from around the world — coming together to tackle the most important challenges and discover new partnerships to fuel business growth.

At IBC2023, we’ll showcase our award-winning Uplynk solution that helps media companies seamlessly deliver the highest-quality streaming experiences to global audiences, while reducing time-to-market and driving operational scale. Here’s what we’re expecting to see, hear, and speak about with customers at the show:

Securing ROI and lowering operational costs

Media companies are going through a transitional phase, seeking new ways to serve their audiences in the best way while facing difficult economic headwinds. To increase profitability and grow their audiences, content owners need to deliver high-quality, tailored content experiences at accessible price points across multiple business models. Achieving this at a global scale while optimizing monetization and reducing operational costs is incredibly challenging. Edgio understands this and has the proven expertise and best-in-class technologies to help major organizations drive ROI while maximizing operational efficiencies.

Overcoming streaming complexity

Experimentation with new and growing distribution models like AVOD and FAST adds a tremendous amount of complexity to streaming, from both a business and technology perspective. Delivering high-quality content to viewers across different subscription types, viewing formats, and digital platforms while enabling tailored monetization for individualized streams places huge demands on video technology workflows. To help organizations overcome growing complexity, we’ll explore the latest partnerships and integrations that see Uplynk’s offering expand to solve all the challenges of video streaming today, from ingestion to delivery and analytics.

Reducing latency without any trade-offs

Content owners are looking for ways to balance both the viewers’ and businesses’ needs to monetize effectively, deliver high quality, and achieve reduced latency. While reduced latency has long been a talking point on the IBC show floor, media companies have traditionally had to sacrifice the reliability of monetization and quality to deliver it. We’ve reduced the latency at which Uplynk operates to as low as 15 seconds, without compromising on cost, quality, or monetization — and we’ve released several new features to improve monetization strategies & user experience.

Uplynk provides a simplified and scalable workflow to power your streaming business.

We offer a trusted, flexible solution that reduces complexity and helps media companies bring services to market quickly and cost-efficiently – empowering brands to focus on their business differentiators, audience growth, and content strategies. Uplynk provides the key foundation to stream the highest quality linear, live, and on-demand video experiences to any global viewer while harnessing any monetization strategy and scaling with minimal resources. Uplynk has handled hundreds of thousands of live events, and in 2022 alone generated 2.4 billion event views, 3.3 billion hours of streamed video, and 220 million hours of advertising.