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Edgio Helps Newco TV Land on Pluto TV. Then Shoots for the Stars

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Learn how Edgio is helping to change the face of the FAST market in Brazil and beyond

Life never stops. Apparently, nor does Sao Paulo-based Newco TV. From sports and cooking to the economy and business, Brazilians are now enjoying 24 hours of television thanks to the efforts of this innovative television programmer.

But it’s about to get a whole lot better.

Want to know Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2023, or maybe the most recent legislation that impacts your workplace or the latest on the Brazilian Motorcycle Championship, the newest films or the most recent episode of “Kitchen Talk?” Newco has you covered.

That’s why when Newco, who is part of the Brazilian powerhouse Band Pay TV, wanted to explore the opportunity to work with Edgio to expand their FAST channel outreach in the burgeoning market of Brazil, South America’s largest country, and beyond, it was an easy yes!

With the FAST market expected to nearly triple by 2027, particularly outside of the U.S., Edgio knew our dynamic Uplynk solution could deliver the services Newco would need to keep up with that pace. Global analyst and advisor Omdia reported that although the U.S. will continue to dominate the FAST market, a $1.6bn revenue opportunity will emerge for FAST channels outside of the U.S. by 2027, with revenues in Brazil alone expected to hit $100 million – representing around half of the total Latin American FAST market.

Brazilian viewers are clamoring for more coverage. They aren’t satisfied with having to wait for the evening or morning news to air. The “hot new international channel” called New Brasil was born from the public’s need on April 24, 2023, much like BandNews TV was born from the fact that Brazilians wanted access to news 24 hours a day back in 2001.

Distribution will initially be reserved on the free streaming service, Pluto TV, which first made its mark in Brazil in 2020. The goal, however, is to branch out into other platforms and countries to exponentially grow its viewership.

Along with Newco’s new partner, YouCast, a premier Brazilian technology and services provider for broadcasters and telecom companies, Edgio has enabled the end-to-end broadcast workflow for New Brasil, through technology reselling and managed services using Uplynk. Dedicated to adding value and developing solutions for its customers, YouCast is helping to expand that outreach in a big way by attracting more broadcasters, in part through its livestream WEBTV and VOD platform developed by the team called YouCast.

Edgio’s superior managed services provide seamless end-to-end integration and are complemented by a 24-hour professional, white-glove support team ensuring service uptime and top-notch customer-viewing experiences.

“Our customers asked for this, and we responded,” said Newco Director of New Business & Affiliates Marcello Zeni. “This is just the beginning. With the focus on innovation, we hope to tap into the vast growth opportunity in the FAST market and fill the void for our customers. At Newco, we know life doesn’t stop. Neither do we.”

Progress and Evolution

It was back on March 19, 2001, at 11 a.m. when Newco debuted its pay TV operation with the 24-hour news channel and second-largest broadcaster in Brazil, BandNews. The idea was along the lines of CNN where viewers can tune in at any time of the day or night to get the news they need.

Over the past 23 years, the broadcaster has consistently added new programming that appeals to the evolving market and a variety of discriminating audiences. In 2016, because the channel was added to SlingTV, it became the only 24-hour Portuguese-speaking news provider in South America.

After debuting in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2023, New Brasil has quickly expanded into other countries like Mozambique, Angola, United States, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Today, the channel known for its broad journalistic coverage and a grid that can be changed in cases of important events in Brazil and around the world, has a wide array of content, from politics, agribusiness, economy, sports, gastronomy, and cooking, to tourism, market analysis, and debates, as well as everyday news. New Brasil also offers BandSports content, which includes programs such as Baita Amigos, BandSports News, and After the Game.

Like Edgio, Newco and YouCast are committed to providing their customers with the very best service and solutions that help their customers thrive. Newco’s commitment is reflected in the reputation it has with its customers as being a credible and valuable source of news.

Based on what Newco’s website says, it doesn’t sound like commitment or enthusiasm will wane anytime soon: “The world happens every day and everywhere. That’s why we don’t stop informing, we don’t stop cheering, we don’t stop evolving, we don’t stop applauding, getting excited and learning.”

Parabens, Newco!