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Edgio Prevents Massive DDoS Attack

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Update: On June 27th, 2022, Edgio prevented yet another, even larger, DDoS attack for an important customer. This attack was 355.14 Mpps, which places it at 44% of the largest publicly disclosed DDoS attack ever. Once again, Edgio’s network absorbed the attack traffic. Our 24X7 SOC notified the client, even though there was no action required from them. The increasing size and frequency of these attacks underscores the need for scalable, edge-based security solutions like Edgio Security.

On June 14th, 2022, Edgio prevented one of the largest recorded DDoS attacks measuring ~176 million packets per second (Mpps) which targeted a multinational e-commerce client based in Asia. The attack lasted about 30 minutes and targeted our PoP locations in the EU; however, our Anycast network quickly spread the load around to a wider geographic region.

Our proprietary software-based DDoS detection and mitigation system, called ‘Stonefish’ internally, was able to protect our clients from the attack. Stonefish works 24 x 7 x 365, analyzing samples of all packets traversing our network, scoring them for threats, automatically taking action when necessary, and providing our network operations center (NOC) visibility and alerts so they can perform additional analysis and take mitigative action quickly.


Despite the massive size of this attack, it was a non-event for our client, which saw no impact on its origin as Edgio’s network absorbed 100% of the attack traffic. Our 24X7 SOC notified the client to make them aware even though no action was necessary.

As one of the largest global edge networks processing about 20% of all web traffic, we mitigate DDoS attacks against thousands of client web applications daily. This latest attack consumed only a small fraction of the resources on our platform. Edgio has 250 Tbps of bandwidth capacity and is one of the only edge platforms in the market to provide fully comprehensive application security and L3/4/7 DDoS protection, supported by our managed security team and 24×7 SOC.