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Simplify Video Streaming with a Best-in-Class Partner Ecosystem and Edgio Managed Services

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Media businesses are going through a critical transitional phase as they explore new ways to serve their audiences with tailored video experiences while reducing operational costs. To capture and grow the widest audience possible, streaming services need to be flexible in how they deliver and monetize content today, experimenting with multiple cost points, different service tiers, new viewing experiences, and diverse business models such as SVOD, AVOD, and FAST.

Enabling this level of flexibility requires highly complex and intricate streaming workflows that might take many months – or even years – to design in-house. In such a fast-paced, competitive market, media companies need cost-efficient means of quickly assembling a streaming ecosystem that delivers high-quality linear, live, or on-demand video to any platform or viewing device.

Edgio understands this need, and we also appreciate that media organizations want to focus on creativity, content, and audience growth; business leaders don’t want to spend time and resources managing highly complex technology infrastructure. To help our customers get to market quickly while taking care of streaming complexity with our deep expertise and best-in-class technologies, Edgio is pioneering a central role as Managed Service Provider for our new, best-in-class partner ecosystem that brings together leading solutions and services from innovative technology providers including Accedo, Bitmovin, Grabyo, and Vimond. Flexibility is paramount to the ecosystem, and therefore additional technologies can be added as customer needs evolve.

Edgio Managed Service drives profitability for media companies

With our Uplynk media solution at the core of the new ecosystem, Edgio will lead the alliance as Managed Service Provider, working closely with customers to seamlessly integrate technologies from across the full chain tech stack and provide tailored streaming workflows to underpin any media business. Acting as the sole point of contact for all operational and support requirements, Edgio unifies fragmented workflows and simplifies complex multi-vendor relationships – saving customers time, reducing costs and freeing up resources for creative tasks.

Edgio’s role as Managed Service Provider enables our customers to manage costs and alleviate pressures on internal resources while benefiting from our deep and proven expertise bringing high-quality streaming experiences anywhere around the world with maximum monetization.

A partner ecosystem to simplify streaming complexity

Demands on streaming technology are surging as media organizations look to deliver high quality content at a global scale to viewers across different subscription types, viewing formats, and digital platforms – all while enabling tailored monetization for individualized streams. Flexible business strategies require highly reliable and flexible technology foundations, bringing together a range of complex technologies from across the entire streaming tech stack – from content production, personalization and distribution to user experience and monetization.

Edgio’s partner ecosystem unites several leading streaming technology providers with best-in-breed solutions to tackle all of the complexities of modern streaming and give media businesses a quick and frictionless route to market. At launch, the ecosystem includes the following partners, yet as needs arise, we will add additional technologies to the ecosystem:

  • Accedo: App Development – Providing media companies a consistent, high-quality representation of their brand across all streaming touchpoints with Video Application management, including custom templates and bespoke development for state-of-the-art UX that attracts and retains users.
  • Bitmovin: Video Player + Analytics – Guarantees flawless playback and viewing experiences across the most extensive range of devices at speed and scale. With Bitmovin Analytics, customers can ensure stream reliability and gain access to real-time insights and monitoring to optimize video and ad workflows across all platforms.
  • Edgio: Uplynk Platform, CDN Delivery, and Managed Service Provider – Uplynk empowers media companies to deliver the highest-quality streaming experiences to global audiences, while reducing time-to-market and driving operational scale. Uplynk will be the foundation upon which the partner ecosystem is built, harnessing a mix of open standard video protocols and flexible APIs.
  • Grabyo: Clipping & Live Production – Providing a highly scalable, cloud-native and powerful SaaS solution for live production, video clipping, real-time editing and distribution. Grabyo’s cloud production tools empower creativity for media customers, supporting leading video protocols and with unlimited capacity for live video clipping.
  • Vimond: Content Management System (CMS) – Vimond’s CMS enables customers to provide contextual metadata to describe and curate content presented to users in apps and websites. Vimond VIA provides customers with a flexible and user-friendly CMS to handle videos, freeing valuable resources to focus on winning new viewers and content strategy.

This pre-integrated ecosystem is a game-changer for streaming companies, sports rights holders, and content owners, providing them with the technology foundations to support the highest quality viewing experiences across any format, device or business model. Seamless and flexible access to a full suite of best-in-breed technologies means media organizations can experiment with new business models and pricing points to cater to evolving audience demands while identifying the most profitable distribution strategies.

Learn more about our partner ecosystem in the video below.

Uplynk provides a simplified and scalable workflow to power your streaming business

We offer a trusted, flexible solution that reduces complexity and helps media companies bring services to market quickly and cost-efficiently – empowering brands to focus on their business differentiators, audience growth, and content strategies. Uplynk provides the key foundation to stream the highest quality linear, live, and on-demand video experiences to any global viewer while harnessing any monetization strategy and scaling with minimal resources. Uplynk has handled hundreds of thousands of live events, and in 2022 alone generated 2.4 billion event views, 3.3 billion hours of streamed video, and 220 million hours of advertising.