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Unleashing the Power of Edgio Applications Real-Time Alerts

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We’re pleased to announce the addition of Real-Time Alerts to Edgio Applications v7. This post covers Real-Time Alerts (RTA) capabilities, use cases, and benefits. Real-time Alerts provides notifications of traffic changes, allowing operators to respond to incidents before they impact the business. What if your web servers were technically “up” but responding with errors? What if you had broken links or images in an email campaign? Or what if you had a sudden spike or drop in traffic? Would you know? How long would it take to find out? With RTA, you can configure alerts to notify your team about these situations instantly. For example, receive notifications for spikes in traffic, broken links, and server outages through the following alerts:

  • Egress bandwidth > 10 Gbps
  • 404 status code > 1 per second
  • 5xx status class > 1 per second
Real-time notifications empower businesses with instant awareness, enabling them to respond promptly to emerging situations.

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Use Cases:

  • Proactive Incident Response: RTA provides real-time notifications that empower users to respond proactively to broken links and system outages due to server or application failure(s). This proactive approach
  • Performance Optimization: Understanding the utilization of your web applications is vital for providing an exceptional user experience. RTA keeps you informed of any sudden spikes or drops in traffic, enabling you to optimize resources efficiently.


Reduced time to incident resolution: RTA enables responding to infrastructure issues before they impact the business, minimizing the impact of incidents and strengthening web application resilience. Enhanced User Experience: By addressing potential performance issues in real-time, RTA contributes to an improved user experience. Consistent availability and responsiveness of web applications foster user satisfaction and loyalty. Edgio Applications Real-Time Alerts is a powerful addition to Edgio Applications v7, offering unprecedented visibility into application traffic, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of web applications. For more information, check out our guide.