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At Edgio, we’re fiercely committed to inspiring our First Team to achieve extraordinary results.

We’re building a culture where people can do their best work in a transparent, collaborative environment that’s engaged and rewards accountability, ownership, and performance.

As a leading provider of edge-enabled solutions, we are proudly and vehemently client obsessed and thrive on delivering value as experts in our field. Our work empowers businesses to achieve their goals, solve their biggest challenges, and propel their successes at the edge.

We’re looking for fearless innovators that want to help us push the boundaries of what’s possible. If you want to be part of something unique, check out our openings and join us!

Our Values Are At The Heart Of Everything We Do

At Edgio, we are committed to creating and delivering world-class digital experiences. Our core values guide and inspire our First Team to create unmatched value and extraordinary results for our clients and stakeholders.


We focus on the job that is most required, treating time and resources as precious like it’s your business.


We achieve extraordinary results through work that is planned and managed.

First Team

We are radically committed to collaboration, trust, feedback, accountability, and performance.


We create better experiences through simplicity and efficiency.

Client Obsessed

We give our clients our full attention, they pay for it.


People Rewards

Our rewards are designed to provide strong competitive advantages that attract top talent and retain our First Team through transparency surrounding compensation and benefits.


People Performance

Our pursuit of attracting and retaining high performers has led us to design programs that maximize achievement and potential while empowering you in your career.


People Engagement & Culture

From values to communication, to culture, we make sure our focus is giving you the support you need to stay results-driven.

Our multi-pronged approach to internal communications is designed to increase transparency and drive better communication globally.

Inspired People. Extraordinary Results.


Our revenue-generating engine of Edgio brings together the best from sales and demand generation across the globe, as we continue to build a strong pipeline with new and existing clients and secure scalable growth opportunities.


Leading the development, implementation, and performance of our edge-enabled solutions, our Technology team delivers fast, secure, and frictionless digital experiences to our end users and supports our network infrastructure.

Client Success

We’re “Client Obsessed” for a reason! As a central part of all that we do, our dedicated CS team is hyper-focused on value creation and a seamless client experience, building lasting partnerships along the way.


Our Marketing team eats, sleeps, and breathes all things brand, marketing, communications, and creative services – supporting our product, growth, and PX teams, as well as corporate initiatives.


Our legal team is responsible for all Edgio legal matters, including contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and litigation. They also play a crucial role in shaping our corporate policies and ensuring compliance.


Our Finance team is responsible for managing Edgio’s finance, accounting, tax, treasury, and compliance matters globally, as well as our investor relations, ensuring financial stability and growth

People Experience

Relentless in our pursuit to attract, engage, retain, and develop top talent that aligns with our core values, Edgio’s PX team ensures that our people programs support our culture of Inspired People. Extraordinary Results.

Business Operations

Driving company initiatives and ensuring operational excellence with goal setting, planning, and execution. Our Business Operations team keeps us all aligned, implementing, measuring, and improving processes along the way.

All Positions

Ready to build a rewarding career and leave your lasting mark at the edge? Join our First Team and be part of something uniquely special! Explore all open opportunities, discover your potential, and apply today.”

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We’re looking for fearless innovators that want to help us push the boundaries of what’s possible. If you want to be part of something unique, check out our openings and join us!