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About Us

Learn about Edgio’s value story where we’ve evolved from Limelight Networks, a 20-year provider of content delivery services.

Edgio was established in 2022 from the combination of Limelight Networks, a 20-year provider of content delivery services to stream digital content over the internet, and Edgecast, a leading CDN and digital media company. 

Rebranded as Edgio following Limelight’s acquisition of Edgecast, the company provides solutions that connect our clients’ valuable digital content (movies, news, games, software, live events, websites) to their customers with speed, security, and an exceptional customer experience.  All with the goal of helping our clients achieve their desired business outcomes.Edgio’s products, which run on our global edge network, fall under two categories – Media and Applications, each providing fast and secure digital experiences.  The Applications Suite consists of Edgio’s Security, Performance, and Sites, and offerings and enable teams to deliver lightning-fast web and mobile applications and secure those applications with a holistic web application and API protection that won’t sacrifice performance and speed. All of this is managed through a single pane of glass.

Edgio’s Media offerings deliver comprehensive solutions and expert services for managing, monetizing, and globally delivering superior streaming video. With products like Uplynk, a live event support team, a robust partner ecosystem, and managed services, clients can seamlessly scale operations, engage viewers, and enhance global reach with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance.

Supported by a global edge delivery network featuring over 300 Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide, 7,000+ ISP interconnections, and a vast 275+ Tbps global capacity, Edgio ensures swift and secure digital content delivery. Companies can depend on Edgio to accelerate content delivery, enhance security, and ultimately boost overall revenue and business value.