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Digital business runs 24/7/365. Fortunately, we do too.

You need to deliver flawless digital experiences to your users and we understand that when you need something, you need it (and deserve it) immediately. That’s when our support team comes in. Your success is our success, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. To contact the right expert support team member, please use the information associated with your contact preference below.

We’re available and ready to assist you.

Solution area eMail Phone
CDN (Delivery) support@edg.io 1-602-850-5200
Uplynk (Streaming) streaming@edg.io 1-602-850-5200
Sites support@edg.io 1-602-850-5200
Security support@edg.io 1-602-850-5200
CDN (Performance) support@edg.io 1-602-850-5200
Regional Numbers Phone
India 0008-000-011002
Korea 82 (0) 2-723-8837
Japan 81 (050) 3628-1545
UK (0) 20 3997 4918
All other global (US) 866-544-4830

Award Winning Platform

Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership 2023

Edge Platform Leader & Outperformer in GigaOM Radar

Hot Company Award for Web App Security 2023

Customer Success Stories

Toklas and Edgio built a headless, high-performance website in the budding NFT industry where customers buy, sell, own, and generate unique Munkos.

Key Result


Largest Contentful Paint


Page loads


First Input Delay

“Edgio provided highly skilled developers that were right for the project, which was crucial for the speed of the work.”

“We want to recognize the Ukrainian engineers who delivered a seamless product, in the midst of moving their families out of the country. They were team players, good listeners, good learners – it’s a story in and of itself of how conscientious and professional the team is.”

Rolle Hogan, CEO, Toklas

Shoe Carnival Logo

ShoeCarnival.com went from 3.4-second first-page loads and 6-second browsing transitions to both being one second or less.

Key Result


First-page load


Subsequent page loads


Malicious requests blocked/month

“On Edgio, we have a faster user experience with better conversions. From a developer’s standpoint, we have far more flexibility and no restrictions.”

Kent Zimmerman, VP, eCommerce & CRM – Shoe Carnival

With Edgio’s performance capabilities, Universal Standard now sees about 70% of traffic come from mobile, which has tripled the conversion rate, increased the average order value by 42%, decreased the bounce rate by 40%, and lifted revenue by 81% year-over-year.

Key Result


Lower bounce rate


Page loads from PLP to PDP


Lift in mobile conversion rate

“The platform itself is very, very fast.”

Justin Metros, Head of Technology, Universal Standard