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From real customer success stories to technical how-to articles, the Edgio blog showcases the limitless possibilities of Edge computing.

Secure Medical leverages Edgio’s CDN for advanced, cost-effective telemedicine solutions, enhancing healthcare delivery with technology.


Tapestry partners with Edgio for superior web experiences, utilizing advanced tech to elevate their luxury brand’s digital presence.

09/06/2023 ensures secure, fast, real-time stock data delivery, overcoming challenges in cybersecurity and user experience with innovation.


Predictable prefetching and a modern CDN with edge computing capabilities allow AKIRA to stream dynamic data to the edge.


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CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT ReachTV is Transforming Travel Media with Edgio’s Streaming Solutions ReachTV, the largest airport television network, commands a significant

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Spangler Candy’s CDN Improves Performance and Saves Costs with v7 platform Founded in 1906 in Ohio, Spanger Candy

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Learn How Edgio Transformed Secure Medical’s Telemedicine Journey Secure Medical, Inc. (SMI), a technology-driven company based in Tempe,

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Learn How Edgio Elevated Luxury Brands: A Digital Transformation Story Tapestry, a prominent New York-based house of luxury

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Learn how the financial services procvider uses Edgio Applications & Security platform to delivery lightning fast web experiences.

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Learn How Edgio Transformed AKIRA’s Shopping Experience AKIRA first opened its doors in 2002 as a women’s boutique

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Discover How Edgio Transformed Toklas’s Progress with Toklas, a Web3 enablement company, recently partnered with Edgio to

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Discover How Edgio Transformed CHL’s Streaming Experience Hockey is the number one sport for Canadians country wide. This

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Discover How Edgio Supercharged Shoe Carnival’s Sales and Performance Shoe Carnival, one of the nation’s largest family footwear

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Explore the Journey of TD Ameritrade as They Transform into a Real-Time Financial News Streaming Powerhouse Fortunes can

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Edgio Transforms Esports with PlayerX: Unleash the Future, Learn, and Connect with Live Streaming Excellence. World Champion Fantasy’s

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