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From real customer success stories to technical how-to articles, the Edgio blog showcases the limitless possibilities of Edge computing.

Secure Medical leverages Edgio’s CDN for advanced, cost-effective telemedicine solutions, enhancing healthcare delivery with technology.


Tapestry partners with Edgio for superior web experiences, utilizing advanced tech to elevate their luxury brand’s digital presence.

09/06/2023 ensures secure, fast, real-time stock data delivery, overcoming challenges in cybersecurity and user experience with innovation.


Predictable prefetching and a modern CDN with edge computing capabilities allow AKIRA to stream dynamic data to the edge.


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CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Learn How Seamless Video Delivery Transformed Education BYJU’S is the world’s most valued edtech company. Launched in 2011,

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Learn how Edgio CDN helped Washington & Lee achieve a record-breaking online convention with seamless live streaming Washington

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CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Learn how iRacing improved customer satisfaction and support efficiency with Edgio’s Content Delivery Network iRacing is the world’s

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Discover how Network Next uses Edgio’s technology to reduce latency and enhance the gaming experience Network Next is

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Discover how CERN utilizes Edgio’s CDN to deliver seamless live streams of scientific discoveries to global audiences CERN,

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Learn how Edgio helped Authentic Gaming reduce video latency, ensuring a reliable live casino experience on any device

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Discover how Betclic improved customer experiences with low-latency content delivery during major events using Edgio’s CDN Betclic is

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Learn how Toppr achieved fast video delivery and improved user experiences by partnering with Edgio’s CDN Toppr is

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Discover how Dailymotion enhanced its streaming quality and expanded rapidly in the Asia Pacific region Dailymotion is one

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Delivering Dynamic Content Globally for Enhanced Customer Experience Faurecia is a global automotive equipment and technology leader located

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Creating Interactive Mobile Quiz Experiences with Global Reach and Ultra-Low Latency DIMOBA is a French start-up that helps