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From real customer success stories to technical how-to articles, the Edgio blog showcases the limitless possibilities of Edge computing.

Secure Medical leverages Edgio’s CDN for advanced, cost-effective telemedicine solutions, enhancing healthcare delivery with technology.


Tapestry partners with Edgio for superior web experiences, utilizing advanced tech to elevate their luxury brand’s digital presence.

09/06/2023 ensures secure, fast, real-time stock data delivery, overcoming challenges in cybersecurity and user experience with innovation.


Predictable prefetching and a modern CDN with edge computing capabilities allow AKIRA to stream dynamic data to the edge.


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CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Enhancing E-commerce with Reliable Multi-CDN Solutions As a content provider for Europe’s biggest e-commerce platforms, Cliplister enables manufacturers

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Optimizing User Engagement and Content with Edgio Streaming Cinedigm is a leading independent content distributor in the United

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Discover Primerica’s transformation with Edgio’s CDN for better communication. Primerica, Inc., is a leading distributor of financial products

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Revolutionizing website performance and expanding reach with Edgio CDN Cogeco Peer 1, now Aptum is a global provider

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT How mitsubachiworks Streamlined Content Delivery and Reduced Costs mitsubachiworks inc. manages Decolog, one of Japan’s largest blog services

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Delivering seamless music streaming to millions worldwide with Edgio CDN and Cloud Storage Rhapsody International, which owns and

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Providing fast, secure, and reliable online booking for millions of passengers worldwide with Edgio CDN. Cebu Pacific (PSE:CEB)

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Scaling for global expansion while ensuring high-quality content delivery – Betradar’s success story with Edgio CDN. Betradar is

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Standardizing and improving customer support services worldwide – Zuken’s success story with Edgio CDN Zuken Inc. based in

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Edgio’s Scalable CDN Solution Ensures Flawless Video Delivery for Yare Media and Its Customers Worldwide Yare Media (Visaic)

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Enhancing Viewer Engagement with Reliable Video Delivery Viki, a global TV site based in Singapore, delivers subtitled primetime

CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT Edgio’s Reliable CDN Services Fuel Chili’s Global Streaming Success Chili S.p.A. (Chili) is a transactional video-on-demand provider created