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Authentic Gaming Enhances Live Casino Streaming with Edgio

Edgio +
Authentic Gaming
3s video latency

Learn how Edgio helped Authentic Gaming reduce video latency, ensuring a reliable live casino experience on any device

Authentic Gaming supplies gaming operators with live table games streamed in real-time from luxurious land-based casinos, “opening” the gaming tables to the whole world while providing unique experiences to online players.

Like many “bricks and mortar” businesses, land-based casinos recognize that a growing segment of their customers opt for an online experience — where and when they want it, on their digital devices. Authentic Gaming helps bridge the gap by taking the actual gaming tables online to allow those physically in casinos to play alongside customers online.

“The land-based casino industry has big challenges as the generation of players who prefer the physical casino is slowly decreasing, and casinos are struggling to attract younger generations. These segments of players access the casinos from their mobile phones, tablets, and phablets,” said Jonas Delin, Authentic Gaming’s CEO. “With our solution, casinos can offer live gaming directly to players on any Internet-connected device to generate more business and revenue.”

“The tricky part of our business is the installation of the devices, but with [Edgio], distribution is a piece of cake. We were able to immediately and seamlessly sync our system with [Edgio] Streaming, and significantly reduce latency, which is very good.”

Jonas Delin, CEO – Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming's Challenge

A successful mobile live-casino experience is largely dependent on the quality and delivery speed of the live video stream. So it’s crucial to have a reliable and responsive distribution provider.

Authentic Gaming’s Solution

Using Edgio, Authentic Gaming can ensure a reliable and consistent online experience for customers worldwide and handle spikes in traffic during major events. Since using Edgio’s video distribution solution, Authentic Gaming has seen latency drop from 20 seconds to three seconds, which speeds up the service and gets more customers engaged. Authentic Gaming can also support a wide range of digital devices by delivering video in the ideal format to each customer anywhere they’re playing.

Some casinos are not using fiber; Edgio delivers the video without involving any other services.

Edgio provides secure access to the video stream.

Reliable Delivery On Any Device
Video streams reliably on any device.

Decreased Video Latency
Video latency was reduced to three seconds.

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