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BYUtv’s Content Management and DRM Transformation with Uplynk

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50% increase in production workflow

BYUtv was one of the first television networks to stream most of its live shows online. Learn how Uplynk and Smartplay DRM helped them expand their programming lineup and improve their production workflow so they could rapidly grow audiences.

Benefits for BYUtv

BYUtv saved on DRM integration costs, technical debt, and accelerated new programming launches with Edgio Uplynk’s scalable technology stack

Accelerating DRM Integration and Content Management Efficiency

BYUtv's Challenge

BYUtv is a production powerhouse, reaching 54 million U.S. homes with almost 100% original content. But to grow its audience, BYUtv needed to add licensed content – a change that required digital rights management (DRM).

BYUtv estimated it would need at least two full-time developers and months to build and maintain a scalable DRM solution. Beyond DRM, BYUtv’s reliance on proprietary content IDs, manual loading of assets into the CMS, and a fragmented live programming process required engineering resources to spend considerable time managing the content lifecycle.

DRM was more than an upgrade, it was a major project complicated by:

  • Fragmented DRM industry standards
  • Limited engineering resources for building, scaling and maintaining the technology stack
  • Publication inefficiencies created by rigid systems and third-party vendors

BYUtv's Solution

We upgraded BYUtv to our pre-integrated video streaming workflow that included DRM support for Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady. Our solution also included encoding, packaging, delivery, and playback. We enabled BYUtv to improve other aspects of their production workflows, too. BYUtv now has the flexibility to add custom content tags to video assets, cutting production time by 50% and paving the way for full digital publication automation.

Uplynk, our advanced streaming platform, gave BYUtv more flexible bit rate management, closed captions, and various features that reduced development costs and inefficiencies. BYUtv could now migrate its entire streaming workflow in weeks without significant capital expenses.

Uplynk provides BYUtv:

  • Built-in DRM for Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady
  • Flexible content tagging and publication workflow automation
  • Streamlined live production file management workflow


In a rapidly evolving world of streaming standards, it’s not just the costs of building and integrating a new tech like DRM into the challenging tech stack. There’s also technical debt: maintaining lines of code for rapidly changing standards. With Uplynk, BYUtv avoided both.

Without the burden of major CapEx outlays, integration expenses, and new developers, BYUtv could move forward with new programming launches ahead of schedule. With a scalable streaming technology stack, BYUtv had all the features needed to support growing content libraries, improve publication workflows, and drive audience growth.

Edgio helped BYUtv:

  • Avoid months of development delays and millions in costs with our built-in DRM capability
  • Eliminate production steps such as manual tagging
  • Increase their production workflow speed by 50%
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