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How Edgio Transformed Epic Sports’ Mobile Shopping Experience

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Discover How Epic Sports Achieved Lightning-Fast Speeds and Prepared for Google's Core Web Vitals with Edgio

Epic Sports is an Online Discount Store that offers the largest selection of equipment, jerseys, and fan gear for soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and more.

Epic Sports's Challenge

Epic Sports was looking to create a faster shopping experience on their mobile site in order to offer a more optimal experience for their customers, as well as be prepared for Google’s Core Web Vital roll-out.

To achieve this, Epic Sports signed on to use Edgio Expert Services to implement Edgio Applications.

Epic Sports's Solution

Edgio’s applications provided the ability to cache dynamic assets and pages at the edge, which allows responses to be served nearly instantaneously. By leveraging that cache, pages and assets can be pre-fetched ahead of the user’s click, effectively serving the subsequent page up at sub-second speeds.

Edgio continued real-time monitoring of Epic Sports’ cache hit rates, routes performance, and query parameters through Edgio’s platform, which provided easily digestible data for iterations to improve site performance and speed continually.

What Edgio did:

  • Installed Edgio solutions
  • Modified the origin mobile site to allow for caching
  • Configured Routes for optimized caching impact
  • Accounted for personalizations and cart count
  • Enabled the site for pre-fetching and deep fetching
  • Post-launch iterations based on real data to improve routes and cache hit percentage


  • Project delivered on-time and on-budget
  • Largest Contentful Paint speeds improved 40-50%
  • Achieved Homepage LCP of 1.1s
  • Browsing transitions from product listing pages to product detail pages improved to sub-second speeds
  • Epic Sports mobile site is now passing Core Web Vitals Largest Contentful Paint
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