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Learning Ally’s Response to COVID-19 Challenges with Edgio

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How Edgio Helped Learning Ally Scale and Support Remote Learning

Learning Ally is a leading nonprofit education solutions organization. Audiobook Solution is its cornerstone award-winning reading accommodation used in approximately 19,000 schools to help students with reading deficits succeed.

Composed of high-quality, human-read audiobooks and a suite of teacher resources to monitor and support student progress, it is designed to turn struggling readers into engaged learners.

“We knew that this was an important moment for Learning Ally, to ensure that a vulnerable student population could continue to gain access to school assignments and work independently at home. This moment in time helped us address the continuum of what hybrid learning would look like going forward for struggling students, parents and educators.”

CHERI LIN, Chief Marketing Officer, Learning Ally

Learning Ally's Challenge

The rapid closure of U.S. schools in response to COVID-19 was a serious disruption to education that profoundly impacted already vulnerable children. Educators were suddenly challenged to implement virtual learning and provide access to content that would allow students to continue their education in a remote setting. This was particularly true for vulnerable populations like struggling learners (students with reading deficits).

To answer this unprecedented need, Learning Ally offered schools free access to its Audiobook Solution for six months, at the height of the pandemic.
Doing so created a surge in traffic, with thousands of new students, parents, and educators all accessing the Learning Ally library almost simultaneously.

Learning Ally's Solution

Because Learning Ally had the infrastructure and support of the Edgio global private network, it could absorb a wave of new subscribers and expand its offerings in response to COVID-19, without sacrificing the quality of its core product offering. Edgio handled the additional traffic and quickly scaled to meet the demand, managing and delivering a high-quality listening experience.

Edgio’s global CDN, with dozens of global Points-of-Presence and direct connections to hundreds of access networks at the edge, provides local delivery points caching content for the fast delivery of the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution.

Learning Ally expects there will be a continual need for digital transformation in the months ahead. Despite the uncertainty, they feel well-prepared partnering with Edgio to support the increased demand for remote learning resources that make a difference for struggling readers, their teachers and families.

“Our program was very successful in extending Learning Ally to students in need. In a matter of weeks, we added 13,800 educators and more than 130,000 new students to the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution. The Edgio CDN was able to support us in meeting the requirements for the surge of audiobook listeners.”

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