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ReachTV is Transforming Travel Media with Edgio's Streaming Solutions

ReachTV, the largest airport television network, commands a significant presence with over 2,500 screens strategically positioned across 90 commercial airports throughout North America. Redefining travel media, ReachTV sets itself apart by delivering a compelling mix of original content and collaborations with top-tier networks and production partners globally. Guided by the core principles of truth and positivity, ReachTV expertly engages and entertains its captive audience during their travels.

The company built a broadcast network with original programming in an unconventional way – with television screens in airports, gaining over 50 million monthly viewers. Going beyond conventional broadcasting requires leveraging a diverse range of data and technology to enable targeted messaging, seamless capability, and the unique ability for viewers to seamlessly transition their viewing experience from TV to their own mobile devices. As travelers increasingly spend more time in airports and in front of ReachTV screens, the company collaborates with renowned brands such as Belvedere Vodka, Netflix, Amazon, Sony, TikTok, Hilton, and Bose, innovating to create optimal opportunities for authentic connections with the tastemakers of the world.

In the dynamic landscape of media and broadcasting, ReachTV recognized the imperative of securing a proficient media streaming partner to navigate challenges and optimize its content delivery strategy.

ReachTV's Challenge

ReachTV faced challenges in its operations including the crucial acquisition of licensed broadcast and NFL feeds. This obstacle was one of several that underscored the necessity of finding a reliable and experienced partner capable of effectively managing streaming workflows to ensure uninterrupted content delivery. Another challenge was the lack of experienced live events staff that can manage the technical aspects of acquiring and streaming live sports events. The lack of personnel hindered the seamless presentation of live events, demanding a solution and a support team to address this gap. Further, ReachTV recognized the need for server-side ad insertion (SSAI) to enhance the monetization and efficiency of their content delivery for a TV-like experience, requiring a proven solution with a history of providing broadcast-quality streaming. These challenges underscore the importance of robust partnerships, and advanced technological solutions in navigating the complexities of the media and broadcast landscape.

“Almost half our programming is live now, so that means 50% of network is reliant on having a great partner for our live delivery.”

Lynnwood Bibbens, CEO & Founder, ReachTV

ReachTV's Solution

Edgio played a pivotal role in resolving key challenges for ReachTV, offering strategic solutions that significantly enhanced their operations. By leveraging its industry connections, Edgio facilitated ReachTV’s access to the necessary technical contacts with content owners to acquire licensed broadcast feeds. Edgio’s Video Expert Services team implemented a custom environment for ReachTV, automating services that met business requirements efficiently. Edgio’s contribution extended beyond this initial facilitation, continuing to evolve services to develop a successful operating model that transformed Digital Out of Home into a broadcast TV experience, enabling ReachTV to navigate the unique content restrictions often present in airports and hotels with Uplynk’s manifest manipulation technology, Smartplay, to always be “on air” while providing a crucial content control mechanism. Through the capabilities of SmartPlay, Edgio provides the ability to easily replace live content with other live feeds, VOD assets, ads, or promotional videos.

Moreover, Edgio empowered ReachTV with the capability to deliver high-quality live broadcast content to its network with SSAI powered by integration with various ad partners, providing ReachTV with the flexibility to monetize content effectively. Edgio’s support extended to exploring new business models, including streaming to connected devices and syndicating channels into prestigious hotels such as MGM, Marriott, and Windham.

“We wouldn’t be able to monetize the NFL or our other live sports without Edgio. Many other providers promised they could deliver but couldn’t. Edgio was able to deliver.” – Lynnwood Bibbens, CEO & Founder, ReachTV

Edgio’s collaboration also ensures a consistent look and feel across channels, utilizing Uplynk’s Slicer technology to ingest and normalize all content. Linear broadcast, live events, VOD assets, ad creatives, interstitials and slate, are encoded to the same specifications to provide consistent transitions that keep viewers watching.

In addition, Edgio’s Live Event Operations team provided proactive monitoring and support during broadcasts, enabling ReachTV to address any issues swiftly. Coordinating with ReachTV Operations and their content partners, Edgio ensures live events and broadcasts are delivered without disruption. Recognizing the need for a fully managed team to automate processes, Edgio served as an invaluable partner in optimizing ReachTV’s operations, providing advice, and ensuring a seamless and reliable broadcasting experience.

“Edgio allowed us to focus on our business while knowing that our technical integrations and delivery are solid. Their people and collaboration have also played a huge role in our success. I can sleep at night knowing Edgio is going to deliver.” – Lynnwood Bibbens, CEO & Founder, ReachTV

Edgio’s Uplynk Provides a Simplified and Scalable Workflow to Power Your Streaming Business

Edgio offers a trusted, flexible solution that reduces complexity and helps media companies bring services to market quickly and cost-efficiently – empowering brands to focus on their business differentiators, audience growth, and content strategies. The Uplynk platform provides the key foundation to stream the highest quality linear, live, and on-demand video experiences to any global viewer while harnessing any monetization strategy and scaling with minimal resources. Uplynk has handled hundreds of thousands of live events, and in 2022 alone generated 2.4 billion event views, 3.3 billion hours of streamed video, and 220 million hours of advertising.

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