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Edgio’s CDN: Secure Medical’s 80% Cost Savings Success

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Learn How Edgio Transformed Secure Medical's Telemedicine Journey

Secure Medical, Inc. (SMI), a technology-driven company based in Tempe, Arizona, is at the forefront of transforming healthcare delivery through its innovative telemedicine products and services on sites like eDrugstore.com and ourdoctor.com. With over 26 years of industry experience, Secure Medical continuously invests in website technology to connect doctors with cutting-edge healthcare solutions quickly, efficiently, and securely. To address the evolving needs of physician and pharmacy groups, Secure Medical made the strategic decision to invest in Edgio’s Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Secure Medical provides a comprehensive suite of telemedicine solutions, including expedited ordering and seamless payment processing services, streamlining the healthcare workflow for both practitioners and patients. Moreover, the company offers innovative face-to-face video software, facilitating personalized and secure virtual consultations. With Edgio, Secure Medical delivers significantly faster, and more secure, websites and has saved over 80% in costs.

“Because of our many directions, it’s important for our partners and clients who access our domains to know that Edgio is monitoring our speed, security, and functionality.”

Kyle Rao, President, Secure Medical

Secure Medical's Challenge

Before transitioning to Edgio, Secure Medical faced significant challenges while using Akamai as its service provider. Website latency issues resulted in poor user experience and reduced client engagement. The lack of built-in DDoS security protection also raised concerns about the security of sensitive medical information. Additionally, the previous service provider’s poor support and responsiveness left Secure Medical in a vulnerable position when critical assistance was needed. These issues, combined with excessive costs, led Secure Medical to urgently seek an alternative solution.

The decision to switch to Edgio was driven by the foremost requirement for cost reduction, a more robust and up-to-date platform, and enhanced support offerings. With the implementation of Edgio’s CDN, Secure Medical not only achieved its goals but also found that Edgio surpassed expectations, proving to be a transformative solution to the myriad challenges faced before the switch.

“I sleep better at night knowing we’re on an extremely reliable platform with DDoS protection and dual WAF built-in now and the support of Edgio’s expert services team behind us as well. “- Phil Hamilton, CISO, Secure Secure Medical

Secure Medical's Solution

Secure Medical’s decision to switch to Edgio has proven to be a game-changer, yielding substantial benefits with transformative solutions. Notably, the company achieved remarkable cost savings, paying a mere fifth of the price they were accustomed to at Akamai while receiving identical services. Edgio not only ensured secure and high-performing websites but also demonstrated a notable improvement in cache hit rates, with a remarkable 61% compared to the previous 40% on Akamai, leading to significantly faster page loads.

As stated by the SMI team, the support from Edgio’s Expert Services team emerged as a key strength, ensuring fast time-to-resolution for any issues that arose. The seamless communication between Secure Medical’s teams and Edgio has fostered a collaborative and effective partnership, further enhancing the overall success of the telemedicine platform.

“We are receiving better quality technology and service. We feel like a partner with Edgio and not another number at Akamai.” – Phil Hamilton, CISO, Secure Medical

Edgio’s built-in DDoS protection and dual WAF also added extra layers of security without an additional cost, fortifying Secure Medical’s digital infrastructure against potential threats.

“We are receiving better quality technology and service. We feel like a partner with Edgio and not another number at Akamai.” – Phil Hamilton, CISO, Secure Medical

Looking Ahead

In 2024, Secure Medical will continue to invest in the latest telemedicine products and services while working with Edgio to:

  • Optimize website performance
  • Leverage WAF technology to harden security
  • Gather data on content delivery and user behavior
  • Geo-target and serve region-specific content for personalization
  • Ensure PCI and DDS compliance with data regulations.

“Thank you, Edgio. You’ve checked off all the boxes we needed to perform and have exceeded our expectations. We appreciate you being there on our company’s journey to bigger and better things.” – Kyle Rao, President, Secure Medical 

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