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Optimieren Sie Ihre Cache-Trefferrate ganz einfach

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Product Updates

Framework and Monorepos



While any framework can run on Layer0, we continuously add support for the tools that have pre-built integrations. This way you can quickly and easily get your project started, with minimal configuration. Recently we’ve added support for Razzle. Razzle provides the “awesome developer experience of create-react-app, but then leaving the rest of your app’s architectural decisions about frameworks, routing, and data fetching up to you. With this approach, Razzle not only works with React, but also Preact, Vue, Svelte, and Angular, and most importantly……whatever comes next.”


A monorepo is a (git) repository that houses multiple projects that can be independently versioned, built, and published. For faster code-test-debug cycles in your monorepos, we’ve improved the behavior of the Layer0 CLI to operate similar to Lerna and Yarn workspaces.



The ability to compress your application code and asset(s) comes with a performance benefit. But what happens when you need to debug code within those compressed files? Sourcemaps are a very powerful tool for debugging your code in compressed JavaScript and CSS files. Our streaming server logs now support sourcemaps, making it easier to debug stack traces, and simultaneously optimize your site for performance.

Routes.js Caching Statistics

Routes.js Caching Statistics

One of Layer0’s signature features is EdgeJS — World’s first JS-based CDN, which lets you directly control the Edge (or configure Layer0’s CDN) from your application code. Our recent update takes this a step further and now displays the caching statistics directly in the code of your routes.js file. Optimizing your cache hit rate has never been easier.

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Never miss a beat of your site’s vital heart health. You can now subscribe to the new Alerts option in site settings. This feature will send daily or weekly reports for various events, including Deployments, Core Web Vitals, Cache Hit Rate, and Cache Purges. Stay in the know and act fast with Layer0 (Edgio) Alerts.


Deploying a GitHub Project to Layer0

Watch this simple guide to deploy your GitHub project on Layer0 and schedule automated deployments with GitHub Actions.


TurnKey Doubles its Deployment Cadence with Layer0

In search of a JAMstack solution for a speedy frontend and simple developer experience, TurnKey chose to migrate to a headless architecture on Layer0. The result: 2x faster release cadence and a tripled YoY growth rate.

‍“With the developer experience that Layer0 provides, we deploy with confidence every time.” John Beadles, Lead Web Developer at TurnKey Vacation Rentals

Vue Storefront – The Lightning Fast Frontend Platform

Filip Rakowski, CTO and Co-Founder of Vue Storefront, joins an episode of JavaScript Jam, a podcast for frontend and full-stack developers. Tune into the fascinating conversation centered around Vue Storefront’s past and future, website performance, Core Web Vitals and eCommerce.

Choosing the Best CDN for Your Online Store

Over the years, CDNs have been central to the speed arms race. As CDN networks have grown and improved, cache retention has become a key contributor to website performance. Download a free, comprehensive guide on popular CDNs for eCommerce websites, including Akamai, Cloudflare, CloudFront and Layer0 (now Edgio).