Keeping Your Websites and APIs Secure

Edgio Web Application and API protection (WAAP) boosts security without sacrificing performance. Start protecting against evolving threats today.

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Why Edgio Security?

Control, Secure, And Monitor Your Application

Modern edge security combined with Edgio’s unique dual WAAP configuration, provides true defense-in-depth against a wide range of threats targeting web applications and APIs. Edgio is proud to provide holistic Web Application and API Protection, delivered from the edge in one single console, simplifying security for all of our customers


Our unique Dual WAAP/WAF allows for faster threat containment with lower effort by your teams.

Managed Security Services​

Our team brings proven expertise for comprehensive security and peace of mind. Click here to learn more

Advanced Bot Protection

Our advanced bot management platform offers unparalleled defense against evolving bot threats. Click to learn more.


Safeguarding your domain from cyber threats by adding a layer of cryptographic security to DNS lookup processes.

DDoS Protection

Harness AI-driven DDoS protection to proactively identify and neutralize emerging cyber threats at the edge. Click here to learn more.

Origin Shield

Enhances content delivery speeds, providing a seamless user experience even during high traffic spikes.

What is it?

Boosts Security Without Sacrificing Performance

Leverage sophisticated security architecture with our multi-tiered Edge WAAP, incorporating seamless bot management, resilient DDoS mitigation, and extensive API protection capabilities, engineered for optimal performance.

Simplified, Holistic Web Application Security

Disjointed solutions increase complexity and lead to security gaps. Choose a unified web application security platform that lowers risk.


Advanced Bot Manager

Detect and mitigate evolving bot threats at the edge using signature fingerprinting, behavioral inputs, and patent-pending ML techniques


Why Edgio Security

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection​

Edgio’s DDoS Protection automatically detects and mitigates massive, complex automated attacks before they affect your websites and applications.

Detect and mitigate evolving bot threats at the edge using signature fingerprinting, behavioral inputs, and patent-pending ML techniques

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Faster Testing, Greater Confidence with Dual WAAP

Threats are increasing and constantly evolving. Dual WAAP mode enables teams to test new rules against production traffic in audit mode.

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Customer Success Stories

«With the addition of Edgio’s Security solutions, we now have greater visibility on potential vulnerabilities, fewer false positives, and the speed required to deploy new rules and address attempted attacks efficiently and effectively.»

“Edgio helped us unite technology, processes, and people. The results speak for themselves. Edgio delivered.”

«High-quality viewing experience is critically important to us. With Edgio, we were able to move from an on-prem solution to a fully cloud-based solution without losing any control.»​

«We moved from Akamai because Edgio offered substantially better tools, pricing, and support. The platform is extremely reliable and robust, and your support team is quick to respond and resolve any issue. Edgio is just a better experience all around.»​