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Aplicaciones Parte Uno: Miles de millones de dólares perdidos

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Edgio Applications is a platform to build, accelerate and protect web apps and APIs at internet scale

In part one of our Applications platform overview Ajay Kapur, Edgio’s Chief Technology Officer, shares three key themes he’s learned from talking to hundreds of teams that build and run high-stakes websites and public-facing APIs that have led to billions of dollars lost.

Bad actors are getting smarter, and the cost of security breakdowns can be catastrophic.

  • 39% of breaches start with the web app or public APIs
  • 8.6% lost in company valuation after a breach

In spite of all the money that companies spend on CDN and edge platforms, over 70% of websites and APIs are slow according to the speed metrics Google uses to rank websites.

  • Slow sites hurt customer retention and revenue.
  • A recent study showed that people experience more stress waiting for a page to load than they do watching a horror movie!

Teams are expected to ship features faster to keep up with expectations set by consumer apps.

  • Legacy architectures burden teams and make team attrition worse.
  • Maintaining security and performance slows teams down further.

Why is this happening? Teams are drowning in point tools and they want outcomes that are well beyond current vendor scopes.

In part two of our Applications platform overview, Ajay discusses how our holistic platform unifies your stack and workflow behind a single pane of glass, delivering outcomes that no cloud or edge vendor could ever match. Watch now.