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For years, we’ve grown accustomed to accessing applications and storing data in the cloud with remote servers and data centers hosted by companies like Amazon and Google. But this centralized approach is starting to change. More and more, computing is happening at “the edge,” but what exactly does this mean?

What is the Edge?

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This can involve caching content, running applications, and processing various tasks closer to the physical location of the end user (the “edge” of the network), rather than sending these tasks long distances to centralized cloud-based systems.

Many features of your autonomous car or your real-time navigation updates are edge computing. The sensors on a factory floor analyzing performance and adjusting machinery? Also edge computing. This shift toward localization is enabled by the rise of smart devices, high-speed bandwidth, AI capabilities, and more. And it’s having a profound impact on web development.

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Benefits of Edge Computing

The main advantage of edge computing is that it can dramatically reduce latency, which is the delay that occurs when data is transmitted from one point to another. By placing servers closer to end users, data doesn’t have to travel as far, so it can reach its destination more quickly. This can significantly improve the performance of web applications, particularly those that require real-time interaction.

Edge computing also helps to reduce bandwidth usage as data doesn’t have to be sent back and forth over long distances. This can be beneficial for applications that need to process large amounts of data, such as online gaming. In terms of web development, edge computing can offer several advantages:

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Reducing latency, improve the performance

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Respond to data in real time for live chat apps or games.
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Necessary Skills for Developing Edge Native Applications

Overall, edge computing represents a significant shift in how web applications are designed and deployed, and it’s likely to continue having major impacts on web development in the coming years. As web development evolves with the advent of edge computing, developers need to acquire new skills and adapt their existing ones. Here are a few areas that developers should focus on to successfully manage the shift toward edge computing:

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