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Real-time Core Web Vitals and RUM analytics Has Arrived

作成:: Edgio | 3月 18, 2021

The Core Web Vitals is a unique set of measurable metric points that helps you understand how fast, responsive, or visually stable your web pages are. While the metric points are great pointers to building a great developer experience on the web and showing you how real users are using your web application, they can also drastically affect if users will return to them.

We’ve made some product updates to help you understand the Core Web Vitals of your websites on Layer0 (now Edgio).


Real-time Core Web Vitals and RUM analytics

real time

Real-time Core Web Vitals and RUM analytics

It's only two months before Google’s Core Web Vitals start affecting SEO rank, and (just in time) our Real-Time Core Web Vitals and RUM Analytics is officially out of beta. With Layer0 Analytics, you can easily track the trends and distributions of critical performance metrics, including Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), First Input Delay (FID), and Time to First Byte (TTFB). Moreover, you'll be able to use Layer0's edge-based split testing to see the impact of your changes in minutes instead of waiting days or weeks in Google Search Console or Page Speed Insights!  

Your site doesn't need to be hosted on Layer0 to take advantage of these analytics. It's yours with just a script tag. Follow our documentation here to get started.

Split test variant for Core Web Vitals

split test

Split test variant for Core Web Vitals

Layer0's Edge-based split testing is now integrated into Core Web Vitals Analytics, enabling teams to A/B test the impact of performance optimizations on Core Web Vitals faster and more precisely than other tools. In addition to the Split Test Variant, you'll also have easy and digestible breakdowns of your performance by Browser, Cache Hit, Connection, Country, Device Type, and Page Label.

Incremental Layout Shift for Core Web Vitals

layout shift

Incremental Layout Shift for Core Web Vitals

We’ve blogged about the issues with Core Web Vitals and single-page applications (SPA) in React, Angular, and Vue. To help triage those issues better, we’ve introduced a new metric called Incremental Layout Shift that helps you track and improve CLS for SPAs.

Page views for Core Web Vitals

core web vitals

Page views for Core Web Vitals

The Core Web Vitals metrics will help you understand how to improve the user experience of your site. These metrics will be needed over time as your site changes. We’ve added new charts that show your page views and RUM events over time, so you can tell what happened last week and how to fix that, what you were doing well some few months ago, and how to approach potential Core Web Vitals threats.

Improved filtering experience for RUM

filtering experiences

Improved filtering experience for RUM

Information is vast, and data is rare. While you might have information presented to you on the developer console, we've made it easier so that you can drill into your Real User Metrics by filtering on specific paths, devices, browsers, countries, and more. You can filter as much as possible, creating your own contextual signal from noise.

Customize timezones across the platform

time zones

Customize timezones across the platform

If there's anything else the pandemic taught us in 2020, it is that remote work is no longer a privilege. And as teams continue to have folks scattered across time zones, we’ve made it easier to understand and customize how times are displayed across the platform. That's one less thing to fiddle with while you increase your developer productivity.

Work in dark mode

dark mode

Work in dark mode

These days, Dark modes are a core part of how we use our devices and software and are unprecedentedly moving away from just a feature to a necessity. We included dark mode in the developer console to help you with benefits like reducing eye strain, improving battery life, and increasing your productivity whenever you choose to log in and get some work done.

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