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Client Story

Financial Business Systems

6月 1, 2021

Financial Business Systems turns to Edgio's Edge Services to Manage Storage and Delivery of Large Real Estate Image Library

FBS is the leading innovator of Multiple Listing Service (MLS) technology and one of the most recognized and respected real estate industry software brands. Fargo, ND-based and 100% employee-owned, FBS is dedicated to providing powerful and innovative products with responsive, personal service.

The industry-leading Flexmls® Platform (mobile + web + IDX) delivers ultimate customization and flexibility to 289,000+ on-the-go real estate brokers and agents. Spark®, the industry’s first standards-driven and most widely used Web API, and the FloPlan® System, easy and affordable floor plans generated by a simple smartphone scan, round out a family of products that put MLSs, brokers, and agents in full control of their data and brand.





Real Estate

"In the last year online house tours took on an important role as in many cases open houses weren’t an option. Storing multiple versions of each image is prohibitively expensive. My team needed a way to instantly resize a firehose of requests and deliver the right image to any connected device. To help us solve this challenge I turned to our team at Edgio. They’re great partners and when we have a challenge to solve such as this one, they always come back with a solution."

Jaison Freed, Vice President of Hosting - FBS

FBS Challenge

With virtual house tours in high demand during the Covid-19 pandemic, Financial Business Systems (FBS) needed a better way to store its vast library containing 25 years of images totaling 90 million objects in its Flexmls Platform. Important goals also included avoiding the cost of storing multiple versions of each image and delivering high-performing online experiences.

FBS Solutions

FBS turned to Edgio's EdgeFunctions platform to host software that instantly resizes images for optimizing the virtual viewing of homes on any connected device. With EdgeFunctions serverless computing, FBS can tap into Edgio's global network and deploy and run its own code to resize the images on the fly. In addition, Edgio Intelligent Ingest FBS has automated migrating content to Edgio Origin Storage so that when content not already in the cache is requested, it is accessed from legacy origin storage, delivered to the user, and automatically added to Edgio Origin Storage. This combination of Edgio serverless edge compute, storage, and content delivery services improve workflows, reduces costs and allows FBS to easily scale to meet the needs of its growing business.

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