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Simplify the Complexities of OTT Streaming


Try Edgio Uplynk to streamline every phase of your workflow:

  • Encode, store and deliver through a single platform
  • Deliver to millions of concurrent viewers
  • Monetize with personalized ads
  • Secure video assets and user data
  • Scale ops and infra with a global CDN
  • Integrate seamlessly with rich AP

runs 1500
linear channels 24/7

increased production workflow
speed by 50%

onboarded 15 affiliate stations
in less than a month

Support live and video-on-demand, events and FAST channels

within a single cloud-hosted platform


Uplynk Differentiators

Single Integrated Platform

Unify encoding, ABR transcoding, diversified storage, dynamic delivery, and 1-to-1 personalization.


Leverage personalized ad insertion, content replacement, timeshifting to tailor viewer experiences.

Monetization Protection

Bypass ad blockers with full ad workflow visibility.


Content is encrypted from ingest to player, with optional DRM built in.


Deliver content via the most optimized routes with our global, award winning network.

Simple Pricing

Only pay for what you use, with no cost penalties for usage spikes and discounts as your business grows.


Rich APIs and UIs allow for seamless integration with your workflows and vendors.


Ensure uptime with our world-class NOC and request for staffing to help augment your team.

Ultra low latency forces a number of tradeoffs in video quality, sustainability, personalization, and more. Upylynk’s workflow delivers in seconds, making it an ideal latency balance solution without the tradeoffs. 

Sacrificing tradeoffs for low latency?

Edgio Uplynk Frees Your Team From Managing Complex Workflows

Access pre-integrated partner technologies.

Run on one of the world’s largest global networks

Tbps Global Capacity
0 +
Points of Presence
0 +

Canadian Hockey League Unifies Live and VOD Workflows

With Edgio Uplynk


Power Your Media Business on a Unified Streaming Platform

Scale your operations, reach more viewers, monetize your business, and deliver broadcast-quality content globally with Edgio Uplynk.