What is a Dual WAAP?

Understanding Edgio’s Dual Web Application and API Protection

Explore the role and benefits of a Dual Web Application and API Protection platform in safeguarding your digital business from various cyber threats.


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Welcome to our Learning Center! Today, we’re delving into Edgio’s innovative Dual Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) – a solution designed to elevate the security of your web applications and APIs while maintaining operational efficiency and speed.

What is Dual WAAP?

Edgio’s Dual WAAP is a groundbreaking approach to web application and API security, offering a unique dual-layered system. It consists of an “audit” WAAP and a production WAAP. The audit WAAP operates in front of the production WAAP, analyzing all application traffic in real-time without executing any mitigation actions. This setup allows DevSecOps teams to test and refine security rules in a live environment without impacting actual user traffic.

How Dual WAAP Works

The process begins with deploying a security rule in the audit WAAP. Teams can then observe how this rule would affect production traffic through Edgio’s Security Dashboard or their existing SIEM solutions, without the rule actually impacting users. Once verified for accuracy and effectiveness, the rule can be rapidly promoted to the production environment, providing swift and reliable protection against potential threats.

Performance and Efficiency

Understanding the critical need for performance in web security, Edgio has developed its WAAP decision engine to uphold the highest performance standards. Leveraging their homegrown waflz engine, Edgio achieves rapid decision processing, with evaluations completed in milliseconds. Furthermore, Edgio’s security stack, including the WAAP, is deployed across a global network of over 300 edge locations, ensuring swift and localized response without the need for additional request routing.

The Benefits of Dual WAAP

  1. Increased Developer Velocity: Dual WAAP enables developers to work more efficiently, reducing the time and effort spent on security rule testing and implementation.
  2. Higher Confidence in Deployments: With the ability to test rules in real-time, teams gain confidence in their security measures, ensuring that deployments are both safe and effective.
  3. Reduction in Vulnerability Backlogs: The system assists in addressing vulnerabilities more promptly, allowing for a more controlled and efficient response to emerging threats.
  4. Shorter Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR): The ability to rapidly respond to zero-day vulnerabilities significantly reduces the overall time to resolve security issues.

Edgio’s Unique Offering in the Market

Edgio’s Dual WAAP functionality stands out as a market differentiator, offering a comprehensive defense against a wide range of threats targeting web applications and APIs. This capability is not just limited to traditional WAF-type custom rules but extends to custom rules tailored for API protection and bot mitigation. The Dual WAAP, combined with Edgio’s unique WAAP Rules, provides a defense-in-depth strategy, ensuring holistic protection delivered efficiently from the edge.

The Business Impact

The Dual WAAP technology aligns with critical business metrics, as highlighted by industry research:

  1. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023, the average time to identify and contain a breach is 277 days. Edgio’s solution aims to significantly shorten this duration.
  2. Veracode’s State of Software Security 2023 reports that a substantial percentage of applications contain security flaws. Edgio’s Dual WAAP helps in addressing these vulnerabilities effectively, enhancing the overall security posture.

In conclusion, Edgio’s Dual WAAP is an innovative solution that not only strengthens security measures but also supports business agility and efficiency. By providing a platform that allows for rapid rule testing and deployment, Edgio ensures that businesses can keep pace with the evolving digital landscape, confidently and securely.

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