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Predictable Web Application Security and Performance Costs

Free yourself from pay-as-you-get-attacked pricing models with Edgio’s Application Bundle Services – the market’s first truly all-inclusive fixed pricing.

Customers save an average of 40% in total cost of operations with unmetered traffic and DDoS protection, plus enterprise-level 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) support and managed services.

Take back control of your spending and start bundling services into your contract:

  • Fixed, flat-rate pricing for bandwidth, traffic, storage, security expert rates, etc.
  • 24×7 Security Operations + Managed WAF services, onboarding, configuration and tunning support
  • Advanced Bot, API, and DDoS protection
  • Global web CDN for performance at scale
  • Advanced web performance toolkit with Predictive Prefetching
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Average TCO savings with Edgio

Clients who switch from other Security and CDN providers save 40% on average in total cost of operations (TCO) with Edgio.

  • Less support incidents
  • Lower DDoS attack traffic costs
  • Smaller team size with managed services
  • Lower software licensing and upgrade costs
  • Lower security support, SOC, & training costs

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Fixed-Price Options to Suit Your Budget

No more surprise bills

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Basic Features





Platform Features

Security Features

Feature to protect your website & application

Observability Features

Observability Features

Managed Security Services (SOC) Features

Managed Security Services (SOC) Features

Managed Protection by a Team of Experts

Threat Intelligence
Network and security experts, alongside cutting-edge ML models, mitigate threats in real time.

Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Edgio security experts simplify security and performance so you can focus on your job.

24/7 Monitoring & Response
Our Security Operations team works 24×7 to proactively detect and mitigate threats before they escalate.


Full Spectrum Web Security Suite

Layer 3, 4 & 7 DDoS Protection
Secure your business from Layer 3, 4 and 7 distributed denial of service attacks.

Dual WAF Mode
Analyze rule changes against production traffic without disabling production WAF rules or affecting legitimate users.

Advanced Bot Manager
Accurately block bad bots in real-time with AI/ML on top of behavioral fingerprints.

security dashboard waf

Performance Features for Sub-Second Speed

Image Optimization
Dynamically transform the size of your image to be tailored to your site.

Application Rules
Determine how requests for a specific environment will be processed.

Predictive Prefetching
Speed up the UX by prefetching pages and API calls ahead of a user’s request.

M&Ms speed comparison

Website Testing & Transformation Tools

Control traffic splitting for canary deploys, performant A/B testing, and more.

Feature Flags
Enable or disable a feature without modifying the source code or requiring a redeploy.

Iterative Migration
Safely migrate to a composable architecture without disrupting the user experience.


“We moved from Akamai because Edgio offered us substantial cost savings. Plus, there’s newer infrastructure and more robust support offerings. [Edgio has] better tools, pricing, and support than its competition.”

Kyle Rao
President – Secure Medical

Eliminate Unpredictable Usage-based Costs​

Enjoy Edgio’s new consistent pricing, combining our latest web performance capabilities with a full-spectrum web security suite and Security Operations Center support.