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Attack Surface Management: Your New Security Superpower

Over the past few years, threats have been escalating at an unprecedented rate, making it difficult for defenders to keep up. Coupled with rising cloud and SaaS adoption, the number of components in your web application stack has increased and created an ever-expanding attack surface. 

Edgio’s Attack Surface Management (ASM) is your new superpower, giving you continuous threat discovery, management and remediation, across your entire web-facing presence. Using AI and advanced scanning techniques, Edgio ASM helps businesses gain unparalleled visibility into their external attack surface, enabling them to prioritize, manage and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. One of the best parts? You can literally set it up in minutes.  

Coupled with our award-winning Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solution, Edgio stops emerging threats with a defense-in-depth approach that bolsters security without sacrificing performance.  

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Why Edgio Security?

Control, Secure, And Monitor Your Application

Modern edge security combined with Edgio’s unique dual WAAP configuration, provides true defense-in-depth against a wide range of threats targeting web applications and APIs. Edgio is proud to provide holistic Web Application and API Protection, delivered from the edge in one single console, simplifying security for all of our customers