Q1 2024 Attack Trends Report

Stay One Step Ahead of the Rising Threat of Cyber Attacks

The relentless speed of technology innovation, coupled with the advent of AI-enabled attacks, has made it even more critical to share cyber intelligence amongst defenders. By harnessing the power of community-driven insights and AI-driven analytics, we have the potential to anticipate attack vectors more accurately and tailor our strategies to address specific threats before they manifest into breaches.

In our second Quarterly Attack Trends Report, which is focused on Q1 2024, we expanded our dataset to include insights collected from our Bot Management, Rate Limiting, and Web Application Firewall solutions. Additionally, our Threat Intel team’s AI-engine scoured through over 40,000 news articles from 2,000+ news sources to highlight most important and actionable trends!

The Q1 report is divided into five primary themes:

  • API Sprawl Still Running Rampant
  • Residential Networks: The Gateway to Cybercrime
  • Why Bad Bots Are Not the Only Problem
  • AI in Threat Intelligence

We rounded out the report with a list of “Best Practices” to help you best navigate this evolving and complicated landscape.

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Stay One Step Ahead of the Rising Threat of Cyber Attacks

In its inaugural Quarterly Attack Trends Report, Edgio evaluated 5.2 billion attack requests from the fourth quarter of 2023, and determined the types, origin and best mitigation strategies for businesses.

Download this report and learn:

  • Where most threats are originating from
  • What the most prevalent types of attacks are and how you can best protect your business
  • How to deploy the right mitigation strategies to respond to the evolving threat landscape

Q4 2023 Quarterly Attack Trends Report

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