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From Dan Rayburn: “Edgecast Valued at $120M (0.5x 2021 Revenue) in Closing Transaction with Limelight Networks”

In June, Limelight Networks closed on the acquisition of Yahoo’s Edgecast, and rebranded as Edgio – a globally-scaled software solutions provider powering secure, seamlessly integrated delivery, applications, and streaming experiences at the edge. The combined company now delivers significantly increased scale and scope with diversified revenue across products, clients, geographies, and channels and an expanded total addressable market of $40 billion.

In a recent blog article, Dan Rayburn, a streaming media expert/analyst and co-host of The Dan Rayburn Podcast, dubbed this acquisition as “…by far the best deal we have ever seen negotiated by a CDN vendor in acquiring a rival CDN, where the company wasn’t going under.”

Click below to read more as Dan provides his insights and breaks down the details of the deal terms.