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Composable Architecture: Scale, Innovation, and Customer Demand

Most website are limited in their potential. Discover how adopting a composable architecture ensures modularity, scalability, and adaptability.

Our whitepaper covers:

  • The basics of composability
  • What types of businesses should consider the transition
  • Industry trends, case studies, and expert insights
  • Best practices to make a seamless transition to composable

Edgio’s patented feature allows you to smoothly proxy your current website, making it simple to combine multiple experiences. This capability not only facilitates a gradual migration but also enables you to conduct A/B tests on various experiences, fine-tuning them iteratively to achieve your desired outcomes effectively.

According to a 2022 State of Commerce report conducted by Salesforce:

plan to implement it
in the next two years
0 %
view adopting emerging
commerce solutions
critical to business growth
0 %
say composable architecture
improves time to market
0 %

Is Your Organization Ready to Compete?

Learn how a headless, composable architecture can give you a competitive edge and future-proof your revenue growth.