Shoe Carnival Discovered Unprotected Domains.
Edgio Implemented Security That Protects and Accelerates.

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“I sleep better at night knowing we’re on an extremely reliable platform with DDoS protection and dual WAF built-in now and the support of Edgio’s expert services team behind us as well.”

Phil Hamilton, CISO, Secure Medical

Get a Comprehensive Web Security Risk Assessment

Pinpoint your website’s weak spots with Edgio’s comprehensive web security risk assessment. Our security analysis includes a thorough inventory of all your domains with and without web application and API protection, recs on ways to consolidate tools, and more.

How It Works

  • We use a publicly available tool to fingerprint and identify Web Application Firewall (WAF) products
  • Our assessment tool sends a normal HTTP request and analyses the response which identifies the number of WAF solutions
  • If no WAF is detected, then we send a harmless HTTP request that should trigger a WAF. This attempts to determine which WAF is in use
  • If there is still no WAF detected, our assessment tool analyzes the responses previously returned Additional checks are done to determine if a WAF or security solution is actively responding

*Our security assessments are white hat checks that will not compromise your system in any way.