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Deliver Amazing Experiences Every Time.

Delight viewers with flawless, secure delivery of your content to any device. Edgio Delivery is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) built for delivering your streaming video and file downloads with exceptional quality and reliability at a massive scale.

“Hockey is the most-watched sport in Canada and therefore a seamless, high-quality viewing experience is critically important to us. With Edgio, we were able to move from an on-prem solution to a fully cloud-based solution without losing any control. ”


Our global edge network brings data closer to every user. Deliver your content faster, safer and easier on Edgio’s massive media CDN (content delivery network).

Global Scale

300+ Points of Presence with 250+ Tbps of capacity ensures your streams and software are delivered quickly to users across the globe.


More than 7,000 global interconnections to last-mile networks ensures your customers are getting their content via the most optimized routes.


Ranked #1 or #2 globally (and in most regions) for fast response times.


Replicate, move and store data for optimal delivery performance using industry-standard file transfer protocols and simple web services.


Customize and deliver your content based on precise specifications. Utilize various interface options, including Terraform, APIs, UI and SDKs.

Edge Control

Edge Control offers next-gen configuration management, enabling developers to combine all delivery features into one JSON configuration file for rapid (< 2 minutes) propagation to the edge. Edge Control supports versioning, offers full API support, and CLI and Terraform integration.


Rules Engine

Edgio’s intuitive interface simplifies configurations, providing more control and confidence with every move. Straightforward “if-then” logic helps you create custom rules for caching and delivering content.


Use this Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) toolset to configure and manage your CDN accounts. The Edgio Terraform Provider enables you to manage users, account settings and delivery configurations, including edge CNAME and origin, and Rules Engine policies.


Explore how intelligent analytics can help you build consumer loyalty and boost revenue.

Real-time Log Delivery

Get the data you need to manage web applications and infrastructure instantly with real-time logs delivered in less than 60 seconds. Integrate WAF and Rate Limiting logs into SIEM to power your threat intelligence.

Edge Insights

Stay relevant and competitive with real-time, interactive analytics. Apply multi-dimensional filtering across CDN and security data to drill down to the critical information you need in a unified dashboard.

Edge Performance Analytics

Leverage key data to help improve delivery performance and reduce costs. Track current and historical delivery network traffic to detect recent and long-term performance trends.

Real-time Statistics

Get up-to-the-minute statistics, including bandwidth, connections and hits, to understand how the delivery network is performing.

Report Builder

Create, modify, save and download custom, granular reports to extract the information most important to your business. Reports can be automatically scheduled and emailed to key personnel, providing timely insights that enable you to make better decisions faster.

Without the burden of major CapEx outlays, integration expenses, and new developers, BYUtv could move forward with new programming launches ahead of schedule. Improving their production workflow by 50%