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Five Ways Developers Can Accelerate Web Pages in 24 Hours at No Cost

Shave 3 seconds off your site by the end of the day.

A web developer often shoulders the burden of website speed. There’s pressure to squeeze out every millisecond to help drive SEO, page view, and conversion rates. To help you sift through hundreds of available optimization techniques, we’ve narrowed down the five most important tips that will have the largest and most immediate impact on your site.

Dive into tips for the following topics:

  • Caching
  • Image optimization
  • Cache-control headers
  • Preload and pre-connect headers
  • Non-essential scripts

“You can speed up the load time by 100–500ms by establishing early connections to important third-party origins. These numbers might seem small, but they make a difference in how users perceive web page performance.”

Jeremy Wagner, Chrome Developers

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Be the website speed hero. Tackle performance issues with direction and intention, and implement optimization techniques that can make a difference today.