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Drive Performance From Your Streaming Media Business

Lower costs and improve revenue by leveraging a platform designed specifically to optimize streaming media. Edgio’s Uplynk platform provides operational automation for each step of live and on-demand streaming operations. 

In one simple, powerful environment, your team can ingest, encode, manage, monetize, secure, distribute, and monitor your streaming services — and deliver broadcast quality at scale on one of the world’s largest global media CDNs.

“Hockey is the most-watched sport in Canada and therefore a seamless, high-quality viewing experience is critically important to us. With Edgio, we were able to move from an on-prem solution to a fully cloud-based solution without losing any control. ”

Easily Ingest, Curate and Manage Your Content

Save on the costs and complexities of multiple technologies while integrating with your workflows and partners with our flexible solution.


On-premise or in the cloud, Uplynk meets the requirements of the most complex workflows. Save time while maintaining the highest video quality for both Live and VOD content with a single platform.


Optimize workflows without sacrificing quality by ingesting live or VOD content in the cloud and remotely managing all your workstreams with comprehensive tools to keep your operations teams informed.


Connect to mezzanine storage in the cloud or upload your content via API to our fully managed infrastructure.


Resources to scale live events and the capabilities to support a 24/7 live linear channel. Schedule, manage, and monetize content easily with our broadcast-quality tools.


Uplynk’s slicer software can be installed on-premise within your infrastructure, inserting flexibility and integration points into your workflow.


It doesn’t matter if your content is VOD or a live linear channel; we offer optimized encoding profiles or finer control with our professional toolkit.

Ready-to-use Profiles

You don’t need to be an expert in video codecs and frame rates. Deliver an optimized set of profiles for high-quality video on any device with ready-to-use encoding profiles.

Flexible Controls

If you deliver 4K UHD content or live sports, get more granular controls to adjust resolution, frame rates, HDR, slice size, markers, multi-pass, IFO, and multi-DRM.

Slicer Failover

Ensure content is always available without concern for hardware or software incidents using flexible configurations, including Hot/Hot or Hot/Warm options.


Extend broadcast workflows by repurposing captions, ad and boundary markers from SCTE signals, video and audio processing inputs, and metadata, including Nielsen tags.

Custom Profiles

Custom encoding profiles to meet your business needs. Rely on our experts to build a profile set for your specific goals.


Broadcasters and distributors of live events to massive audiences, like the World Cup or Super Bowl, depend on our technology to integrate and operate seamlessly in their workflow.  So do streamers of less expansive audiences such as churches, concerts, and town halls who want their communities to have great experiences.

Live Linear

Extend broadcast workflows by automatically preserving metadata and messaging so you can trigger ad breaks, program breaks, and blackout markers.

Reduced Latency

All of Uplynk, including SSAI and DRM, is optimized for reduced latency as low as 15 seconds behind live – and without changing protocols.

Live to VOD

Live content is immediately available for on-demand playback so you get the highest content ROI and offer the best user experience – in a seamless workflow.

Slicer Monitoring

Monitor content quality, software, hardware and network with one powerful system that detects and alerts issues with content upload and ingest.

Live Events

Schedule and manage events with our UI and rich APIs– configure ad pods, slate, event start and end times, live and VOD player URLs.


Uplynk’s direct CDN integration means your content is optimized for video, resulting in even higher quality and lower latency delivery to audiences.

Edgio Cloud Storage

Built-in cloud storage maximizes efficiency and flexibility, with no need to integrate a third-party solution.

Generate Revenue Through Managed Personalization

Uplynk provides ultimate stream management: curate and package content, configure business rules and deliver to all distribution endpoints.

“[PlayerX] is a big deal for the future of fantasy sports – and Edgio understood this vision. This partnership puts the fantasy sports user experience front-and-center, utilizing data, engagement insights, and streaming capabilities to deliver dynamic and engaging fan experiences”


Set your business logic. Publish one URL. Let Smartplay do the rest with capabilities from SSAI and DRM to geoblocking and content replacement.

Server-side Ad Insertion

Fine-tune ad breaks for every viewer with business logic for targeted ads or break durations and refinement tools like controlling session drift during a live event.

Prebid Ad Technology

Gain insight into your content’s value using Prebid technology as part of your ad strategy – pre-integrated and ready to use with Smartplay SSAI


Our multi-DRM solution works with a simple check box and provides Fairplay, Widevine, and Playready.

Live Time-Shifting

Let your viewers pause, rewind and fast forward your video streams. Supports manifest window sizes of up to 60 minutes using the latest HLS protocol standards.

Content Replacement

Our platform is flexible enough to schedule blackouts via the UI, API, CSV file, or ESNI signals. Create an audience, build rulesets and apply to assets.

Time Control

Automate your workflow and easily manage time-based business rules with levers like catch-up TV services, scrub bars, time zone shifting or segmenting content within each session.


Deliver contribution streams or clips to the most popular social media, MVPD, vMVPD, FAST and OTT aggregation platforms while consolidating your content processing workflows.

Clip Publishing

Our integrated clipping capability offers broadcast-quality tools for trimming, editing, and instantaneous publishing to popular social platforms for promotions and event highlights.

FAST Endpoints

Create a FAST channel and distribute to every endpoint in one workflow with reach to traditional devices via HLS and DASH, and third-party platforms via RTMP-Push, Zixi-Push, HLS-Push, SRT, and RIST.


Powerful technology to generate theme-based playlists, FAST channels or stream a broadcast-scale live event like a pro – with a fraction of the resources.

Virtual Linear

Quickly curate a themed playlist or schedule content for live linear experience, and easily make it a FAST channel by inserting ad breaks.

Live Events

Remotely control your live events with broadcast-quality tools to manage ad insertion, rights, syndication and engagement.

Channel Scheduler

Schedule live and VOD content with our calendar interface. Configure ad breaks, enable time-shifting previews and easily switch between slicers.

Content Libraries

Organize and segment vast content libraries with integrated capabilities that allow you to quickly create, package and share your assets within your org or with third-party partners.

Clipping Tool

Easily generate, store and publish professional clips from live or VOD content. Create clips with automation rules, and quickly apply effects or add thumbnails for real-time promotions and highlights.

Improve Monetization and Viewer Engagement.

Robust data and analytics with flexible delivery, notifications and alerts for quicker, better-informed optimizations.

Without the burden of major CapEx outlays, integration expenses, and new developers, BYUtv could move forward with new programming launches ahead of schedule. Improving their production workflow by 50%


Superior content delivery starts with lightning-fast performance and always-on availability backed by stringent security measures that protect your online data and assets.

Edgio CDN

Edgio delivers robust file and software downloads and streams the highest quality video through its massive, private, globally-distributed network and advanced Edge caching.


Diversify delivery options to ensure your content is the best quality and always available. Configure Uplynk to deliver content on the Edgio network or any third-party CDN provider.


Our platform collects massive amounts of granular data to help troubleshoot and optimize end-to-end viewing experiences.

Session Logs

Viewing session data is collected and delivered to your Amazon S3 bucket including slicing, DRM, ad activity, and the associated channel, live event or asset.

Ad Data

Troubleshoot ad experiences by providing your technical teams with comprehensive ad insertion data to analyze end-to-end ad experiences, errors, timeouts, and tracking issues for each and every viewer transaction.

Ad Analytics

Optimize ad delivery and improve the overall viewer experience with ad insertion reports that provide insight into the environment, device and demand partner.

Real-time Stats

Retrieve real-time data on playback requests, concurrent sessions, latency for manifest and ad requests, total missing content or ad slate, and authentication failures.