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Tornar-se real em segurança cibernética com Darrin Reynolds, CISO

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The digital transformation across all industries happening globally is just beginning. The ever-growing consumer expectation, shifting demographics in Asia, and accelerated digital adoption are driving companies to rethink their business models.

This expansion of a company’s digital presence and accelerated digital transformation has altered the way we work and do business, bringing an increase in cyber attacks to the surface. With attackers becoming more aggressive and creative, the conversation on cyber security becomes more critical than ever.  

“A lot has changed in the world, and technology transformation and digital innovation really follow human behavior,” said Darrin Reynolds, CISO at Edgio. “We will adopt the things for innovation that suit us best in the moment, and the best solution or experience anywhere becomes the expectation everywhere.”

Darrin recently participated in a panel discussion with Dhiresh Rustogi, Group CIO at UNOBank, further discussing the common types of cyber security attacks you should be prepared for, how to foster a culture of security within your business, and practical insights on how to plan, mitigate, and secure your online presence and business operations.

“One of the things I always think about in terms of security is keeping things simple – cover the basics. Focus on the essential, not the exceptional,” said Darrin.

Additional key takeaways included:

  • The effect of digital transformation on your company and the role security plays in your digital transformation journey.

  • First-hand experiences of how the most innovative companies have managed attacks.

The live panel was held on September 14, 2022, by Terrapin/Seamless APAC Webinars and moderated by Izzat Aziz, Director of Technology, Risk & Cybersecurity, at KPMG, Malaysia. Watch below.