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Open Edge Terms of Service


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A. Scope. Service Provider agrees to provider Remote Hands Services as outlined herein. Any capitalized terms that are not defined have the meaning ascribed to them in the Service Provider Solutions Terms of Service.

B. RHS Process. The parties agree that the RHS process is as follows:

1. Edgio will initiate a RHS request by providing the Service Provider NOC with a trouble ticket via email or telephone. Service Provider’s RHS personnel (an “RHS Technician”) will respond to Edgio’s request for RHS in accordance with the service levels outlined in Section D herein.

2. Edgio will provide specific RHS instructions for the RHS Technician to follow in performance of RHS. The parties will communicate via email or telephone regarding the status of the ticket and further RHS needs.

C. Party Responsibilities. The parties agree to the designations and responsibilities listed below:

1. Edgio will:

i. contact Service Provider NOC to initiate an RHS request;

ii. provide instruction on specific RHS needs from Service Provider; and

iii. be exclusively responsible for maintenance related to Edgio Software.

2. Service Provider and/or RHS Technician will:

i. be available to provide RHS twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week, 365 calendar days per year;

ii. respond to Edgio’s RHS requests in accordance with the service level agreement contained herein;

iii. only provide RHS in accordance with Edgio’s instruction;

iv. communicate with Edgio regarding the status of the RHS requests, including activities that the RHS Technician performed;

v. have readily available standard hand tools, optical power meters, and fiber cleaning kits;

vi. wear electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection when handling electronic parts;

vii. securely store spare parts, if applicable, and ensure that no party, including Service Provider and RHS Technician, accesses the spare parts without Edgio’s instruction to do so; and

viii. log the use and inventory of spare parts and provide such log to Edgio, as requested.

3. Both parties will communicate regarding RHS in the English language.

D. RHS Activities. Service Provider agrees that RHS may include, but is not limited to, performing the below activities related to Equipment in accordance with Edgio’s instruction and communicating with Edgio regarding such activities:

1. Unpack and rack Equipment.

2. Install racks; fiber cables; alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) power.

3. Install all power cabling.

4. Receive communications from Edgio; record and track RHS activities; and dispatch an RHS Technician to the Service Provider Facility.

5. Receive, transport, and securely store spare parts or Equipment.

6. Replace parts and Equipment.

7. Record optical power measurements from optical fibers and optical cards.

8. Investigate and diagnose Equipment failures.

9. Screenshot or photograph error messages.

10. Pack and prepare parts or Equipment for shipment.

11. Power on the Equipment as well as reboot or restart equipment.

12. Link a cable between two points.

13. Label and test Equipment.

E. Service Level Agreement.

1. Problem classifications: The Parties agree that Equipment failures are classified into the following two categories:

i. “Critical Problems”: Failures that severely affect service, capacity or traffic, or billing and maintenance capabilities. These failures require immediate attention. Examples include loss of reachability or a Node turn off.

ii. “Minor Problems”: Failures that do not significantly impair the function of the system or affect the service or traffic to customers. Examples include hard drive or chassis failure or an equipment reboot.

2. Service Provider agrees that an RHS Technician will arrive at the Service Provider Facility in accordance with the following service levels:

i. For Critical Problems, within one (1) hour of Edgio providing the RHS Technician with the trouble ticket, as set forth in Section A(2) above.

ii. For Minor Problems, within four (4) hours of Edgio providing the RHS Technician with the trouble ticket, as set forth in Section A(2) above.

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