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Hub Multi-CDN da Cliplister Powered by Edgio para E-commerce

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Enhancing E-commerce with Reliable Multi-CDN Solutions

As a content provider for Europe’s biggest e-commerce platforms, Cliplister enables manufacturers and retailers to share high-quality content in an efficient way. The centralized content service streamlines workflows and offers processed content for all use cases. The “Brand Channel” solution allows for easy access to all media assets including video, photo, PDF, 360°, and 3D, while maintaining full usage control.

“We consistently have positive experiences with [Edgio]’s technology and Expert Services team. We’re always looking for long term relationships with our partners as it’s beneficial for both of us. [Edgio] has one of the highest performing CDNs in the world, which as part of their sales partner program we’re able to provide to our customers with their team’s expertise. The team is 100 percent reliable, keeps their promises, and is dedicated to meet both our and our customers’ needs.”

Sören Schulze, COO – Cliplister

Cliplister’s Challenge

Cliplister’s e-commerce clients need the most reliable content delivery that they can depend on. The company has its own content delivery network (CDN), but wanted to create a CDN hub to give clients the reliability of a multi-CDN environment.

The flexibility to choose from additional CDN partners enables Cliplister´s clients to employ the perfect solution for any CDN task, including the challenge of delivering fast, high-quality user experiences in any region worldwide.

Cliplister’s Solution

They selected Edgio Delivery for its reliable global network, dedicated support team, and competitive pricing.

Key Benefits Of Edgio’s CDN And Sales Partner Program:
Fast And Available
Edgio’s private global network delivers top performance for all types of content, from static images to video on demand, even over congested or changing network conditions.

Partner Benefits
Dedicated Edgio solution training on-site for sales and engineering teams.

Customer Support
Edgio has a dedicated Expert Services team and lives in-region support, available 24/7/365.

Global Delivery
With major brands and top e-commerce companies, Cliplister needs the ability to deliver international online traffic. Edgio owns and operates one of the world’s largest private networks, bypassing the public internet to ensure top digital experiences worldwide.

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