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Azure CDN from Edgio Built for SMB and Enterprise Customers

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Early in 2023, Microsoft announced its decision to retire its partnership with Akamai. Since Microsoft understands the importance of offering content delivery network (CDN) options to its customers, Microsoft still offers two very reliable, high-quality CDN solutions: Azure Frontdoor and Azure CDN from Edgio.

Azure CDN by Edgio has been a first-party solution since 2016, which enables customers to easily turn on the Edgio CDN from the Azure Portal, just like they would any other native Azure service. All current Azure customers on Akamai will be migrated to Azure CDN from Edgio by November 1st, 2023. Azure CDN Standard from Akamai customers that migrate over to Edgio will enjoy an upgraded CDN experience since Azure CDN from Edgio meets the needs of small business and enterprise customers and offers additional features unavailable from the Akamai CDN.

A key reason enterprises select Azure CDN from Edgio is that its global network excels at large file, high volume delivery workloads, like software and file downloads. Enterprises also want the advanced level of control that is built into Edgio’s Rules Engine and the custom configuration support offered by LUA scripting. Another reason Azure CDN from Edgio is popular is because cloud services, like Azure, typically do not offer onboarding or technical support, whereas Edgio offers support tiers to help with proof of concepts (PoCs), or other technical requirements

At Azure, cloud security is a paramount concern. Azure CDN from Edgio has built-in edge security protection (holistic web application and API protection (WAAP), rate limiting, and origin protection.). Enterprises combine this with Edgio’s 24 x 7 x 365 managed security service. This combination provides CISOs with the expertise and support to mitigate and manage the largest and most complex cyber-attacks. One such global enterprise is ASUSTek, with its HQ in Taiwan. It is best known as a computer hardware brand that distributes worldwide. ASUS engaged with Azure to embrace the cloud in order to become a more flexible, scalable, and secure enterprise. ASUS switched from another CDN after a successful Edgio PoC trial that exceeded its business and technical requirements. The Edgio Super PoP architecture improved performance and cache hit ratios for external and internal audiences while reducing CDN costs. In addition, Edgio’s built-in edge security protection and WAAP reduced the time to mitigate attacks resulting in improved overall uptime. And firmware updates are smoother than before.

The ASUS CDN migration required meticulous planning and execution to minimize any disruption. There were nearly 100 ASUS domains to migrate from the legacy CDN vendor, including critical product websites, and corporate functions like HR, IT, and marketing. ASUS achieved the following:

  • Overcome limitations of its legacy CDN
  • Increase performance and availability of websites
  • Implement native edge security for improved speed and performance
  • Enhance control and flexibility of CDN performance

Read the ASUSTek case study here.

For more information about Azure CDN from Edgio contact Azure_CDN_Edgio_BD@edg.io

Note: Azure CDN from Edgio was formerly known as Azure CDN from Verizon.


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