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Celebrating RedwoodJS Launch Week

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It has been two years since RedwoodJS v.01 was announced and today, April 4th, RedwoodJS goes 1.0. Congratulations to the RedwoodJS team and ecosystem on this release. This is an exciting milestone and we at Layer0 are excited to be participating in their launch week!

RedwoodJS: The App Framework for Startups 

Created by GitHub co-founder Tom Preston-Warner, RedwoodJS is designed to bring the productivity and developer experience of Ruby on Rails to the JavaScript ecosystem. When creating a project in React, there are a dizzying array of tools and technologies on routing, state management, authentication, and data fetching that you need to decide on before you can even start building your application.

RedwoodJS simplifies the decision-making process by providing an opinionated, full-stack, JavaScript/TypeScript web application framework that comes batteries-included with the default tools, technologies, and configurations that will make developers productive when working on what really matters, instead of wasting cycles choosing and configuring various pieces of their stack. Nevertheless, RedwoodJS is customizable: it is built for you; but not hidden from you.

Check out the RedwoodJS website or README to learn more.

BFFs: RedwoodJS + Layer0

We’re excited to be a launch partner for RedwoodJS 1.0 launch this week. We’ve partnered with the RedwoodJS team to make running and deploying your RedwoodJS application on Layer0 easy. Check out our full guide on how to deploy RedwoodJS apps on Layer0.

Join us for RedwoodJS v1 Launch week

From Monday, April 4th through Thursday, April 7th, the RedwoodJS team will celebrate the release of 1.0.0 with a series of announcements and events. Please join us in sharing the launch week announcement on your social media channels. To better understand how to use RedwoodJS and Layer0, join the Layer0 team at the RedwoodJS Partner Office Hours on Wednesday, April 6, which you can register for here. You can also reach out to us on Twitter or our forums.


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