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Edgio a Strong Leader in GigaOm Edge Platform Radar 2023 Report

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Edgio is excited to be recognized as a leader in the latest GigaOm Edge Platform Radar 2023 Report.

As “traditional” content delivery network (CDN) providers continue to innovate and reposition themselves to edge platforms, GigaOm set out to provide a clearer definition of the “edge” and what they consider as its two major layers. In addition, the report highlights key edge platform vendors to equip IT decision-makers with the information needed to select the best fit for their business and use case requirements.

GigaOm used several key criteria and evaluation metrics to compare 11 CDN providers, including Edgio.

Key Criteria Evaluation Metrics
Ephemeral Edge Computing DevOps & Orchestration
Endurant Edge Computing Ease of Use & Management Services
Application & Content Delivery Geographical Scalability & Resource Efficiency
Live & On-Demand Streaming Performance
Multiple-Environment Compute Programmability & Orchestration Solution & Partner Ecosystem
Multiple- Environment Networking ROI
Content Security Adaptability & Flexibility
Secure Access Platform Marketplaces & Community Development

Edgio came out as both a Leader and one, of only two, ‘Outperformers’ which is the highest rating of performance, exceeding the other nine competitors. In addition, Edgio has ‘Maturity’ (heritage, track record, established, enterprise class), and is a broad ‘Platform Play’ with all the customer benefits that it brings (single pane of glass, robust built-in security, global CDN, highly performant edge platform, workflows for various audiences, etc.).

“The [Edgio] platform ranks high on the ephemeral edge computing, content delivery, and video streaming key criteria,” said Andrew Green, analyst for GigaOm. “The solution is comprehensive and can enable customers to deploy a wide range of latency-sensitive applications.”

For GigaOm’s complete evaluation of the top edge platforms, download the full report.