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Edgio Adds Live Push Ingest for Live Stream Delivery

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People around the world are watching more online videos than ever before, according to our State of Online Video 2019 report. The current COVID-19 situation has elevated video streaming to even higher record levels.

A common method for content providers who handle their own video formatting and packaging to deliver live video is using a CDN. In this case, the CDN will pull HLS, DASH, or other format content segments and manifests from the content provider’s origin servers and deliver them to viewers. This seems simple enough, so what is the problem driving the need for another method to deliver live video streams?

During major live streaming events using Pull streaming, as the popularity of a live event grows, especially for live sports, the increasing number of requests to origin escalate storage egress costs and, in extreme cases, may even exceed the capacity of origin servers. In addition to scaling issues, a Pull workflow presents more latency challenges than a Push workflow.

Introducing Limelight Live Push Ingest

Limelight Live Push Ingest allows you to push streaming media segments and manifests to Limelight for live distribution, taking full control of encoding workflows and origin bandwidth and reducing egress costs with robust content delivery options. By Pushing your content to Limelight’s specialized ingest servers that are peered directly to our CDN, you can eliminate several latency-inducing steps in your live video production. The direct integration of Limelight Live Push with the Limelight CDN also enables your live events to scale massively with no threat of overloading your content production or origin servers.

Live Push Ingest is compatible with existing push methods and has a rich set of features, including support of high definition resolutions, scalable capacity for large events, ingest redundancy, global delivery, encryption and access control of your video content. Download the Live Push Ingest Data Sheet for full details of features and specifications.

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