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How Last-Mile Providers Can Gain CDN Benefits

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With increasing traffic from an ever-expanding roster of services from access networks, content aggregators, and enterprises, service providers are looking to reduce costs, quickly expand their services and generate new revenue streams.

Most importantly, as the demand for content continues to grow, operators seek to leverage their network investments by gaining more control over the flow of content across their network infrastructure. But how? How do you meet high expectations for quality of experience? Sustain capacity during high traffic and peak hours? Manage network costs? Drive new revenue?

Limelight’s tech experts recently discussed these issues and more: How ISPs and MSPs can benefit from an enhanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) caching strategy within their networks. CDN services offer service providers the opportunity to reduce the costs of the content explosion, leverage their network infrastructure investments and evolve their service mix to provide new services to generate revenue and increase margins.

There are two very good use cases for on-net caching. The first relates to network operators concerned with the volume of video delivered over the last mile to their customers. In this case, they are trying to control their costs, improve quality of service (QoS) and monetize the video they’re delivering. The second is a service provider looking to add CDN services and expand its portfolio with products adjacent to services they already offer on its network, thereby increasing its revenue.

Limelight Service Provider Solutions lets service providers directly serve content from their infrastructures. The Edge Cache servers are secure, high-performance CDN caching and distribution systems used worldwide to drive Limelight global network delivery. By embedding this power within operator networks, delivery is turbocharged. Instead of repeated costly network calls to a distant origin, cached content is served directly from local on-net systems.

Check out this Service Providers Roundtable, which highlights another very clear benefit. On-net caching can integrate world-class delivery into ISP local networks — like a local private warehouse for a global package delivery service. Think global and act local!


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