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Limelight Networks Reports Record First Quarter Results

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Limelight Networks Reports Record First Quarter Results and Continues Building Momentum to Become Edgio

Coming out of a strong Q4, we exhibited great momentum in the first quarter of the year. We had record traffic on our network from a broad array of clients across all media types – OTT, gaming, and software. In fact, 17 of our top 20 highest historical traffic days were within the quarter. Our edge network is consistently ranked ahead of large hyperscalers and other networks in performance. We also grew the pipeline by more than 30% from the beginning of the year, and will continue to focus on converting prospects into bookings and revenue.

Further, our empowered sales and expanded distribution strategy is now taking our product and solution value proposition to an increasing number of buyers. Our clients are seeing COVID-driven content shortages start to abate. As a result, we expect a very strong second half of the year from a full-powered growth team (sales and demand gen) with a concerted focus on an expanded TAM and opportunities.

With this kind of start to the year, our momentum continues as the second quarter gets underway, and we prepare for the acquisition of Edgecast and transition to our next phase as Edgio.

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