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Limelight to Acquire Yahoo’s Edgecast

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Limelight to Acquire Yahoo’s Edgecast, Creating a Global Leader in Edge Enabled Software Solutions and Rebrand as Edgio

Earlier this week, we announced we are entering into an agreement to acquire Yahoo’s Edgecast. The combination of Limelight’s edge-enabled web applications and content delivery solutions with Edgecast’s edge security, content delivery, and video services make this an ideal integration. Once the acquisition is complete, we will have a global network capacity of more than 200 Tbps and more than 300 PoPs coupled with natively integrated cloud security, edge video platform, and web applications. Edgecast’s multi-layered cloud security platform will also significantly enhance the scale of Limelight’s web applications division, creating the most complete web applications solution on the market

Together we will begin a new journey as Edgio, a leading-edge solutions provider of choice for outcome-oriented businesses and clients looking to deliver fast, secure, and frictionless digital experiences to end users.

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