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Securing Telecommunications and Pay-TV Infrastructure

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In the dynamic realm of telecommunications and pay-TV, ensuring the secure delivery of valuable content is paramount. However, with the increasing sophistication of online attacks, our management and authorization systems (CAS and Middleware, among others) face constant risks. From credential theft to ransomware attacks, the threat is real and tangible.

Current Challenges:

Our back offices, responsible for authenticating STBs and mobile applications, often find themselves exposed to the public IP network. This access, vital for content delivery, becomes a battleground where malicious actors seek vulnerabilities. Statistics reveal that almost 40% of data breaches originate in our own web applications and APIs.

Although we have local firewalls filtering IPs and ports, the reality is that this protection is insufficient against more advanced application-level attacks.

The Danger of Massive Attacks Massive attacks, including the dreaded DDoS, can paralyze services. Even from permitted IP ranges, controlled computers (zombies) can unleash chaos. In this scenario, congestion generated by DDoS attacks can surpass the capacity of our local firewall and network.

A Modern Solution:

Edge WAF/WAAP To ensure the continuity of our services and the effective protection of our applications, the implementation of a Web Application Firewall (WAF) or Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) is essential. This solution, with a robust infrastructure, can handle thousands or millions of simultaneous requests, blocking access from malicious actors.

Our Customers’ Experience:.

A concrete example: one of our clients, after implementing our Bot management solution, detected 75% more attacks than they initially perceived. Effective prevention is key


Edgio Applications:

An Advanced Defense Edgio Applications offers a global network with over 300 points of presence (PoPs), 250+ Tbps capacity, along with machine-learning algorithms that detect, reroute and mitigate the largest DDoS attacks. We detect new anomalies, analyze requests, and minimize the risks of DDoS attacks, ransomware, and other methods. Additionally, we accelerate access to your applications and optimize the resolution of attack attempts.

Consolidating Operations:

Some may ask, “Why Edgio?” I would ask back, how many companies in the market can combine security and application performance knowledge with years of experience in video processing and distribution, all while using their own global network?

In a world where consolidation is key, Edgio Applications not only provides global security but also accelerates access to content, monitors performance, and offers competitive and predictable costs.

For more information, contact us! We are here to discuss how we can support your operations.


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