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StackPath Out, Edgio In: Smoothly Transition to Your New CDN Solution

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In the ever-evolving world of content delivery, change is the only constant. StackPath, a prominent player in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) landscape, has announced the end of its CDN service as of November 22, 2023. This decision marks the end of an era, leaving many StackPath CDN users in search of a reliable alternative. If you’re one of those users wondering where to turn, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to Edgio, your ideal replacement for StackPath’s CDN service. We’ll discuss why Edgio is the perfect fit, providing a seamless transition and a range of advantages for your content delivery needs.

Understanding StackPath’s CDN Exit

Let’s begin by understanding the context. Stackpath has decided to commit its entire focus to edge computing. The decision to discontinue its CDN service impacts not only customers who have relied on StackPath for fast and reliable content delivery, but also network and web application protection. Many customers are now faced with the challenging decision to either bifurcate their services or adopt a new service who can offer an all-in-one platform for CDN, Security, and Edge Computing.

Meet Edgio – Your New CDN Solution

Edgio stands ready to ensure uninterrupted, high-quality content delivery and web application performance tailored to your needs. Edgio is not just any alternative; it’s the ideal solution for former StackPath CDN customers. Why? Our edge platform offers edge computing, security, and performance features in one holistic solution that runs on a global content delivery network and boasts 4x the scale and 2x the capacity of StackPath.

Let’s take a closer look at Edgio’s core features that make it the perfect fit:

  • Performance: Edgio’s integrated web application platform is designed to optimize website load times and ensure smoother rapid content delivery. Plus, our CDN offloads infrastructure costs by reducing origin bandwidth, and connecting and conserving computing power by performing compression and encryption at the edge. This increases the stability of websites and applications.
  • Security: Edgio offers an improvement upon StackPath’s security. Edgio’s integrated security features include Bot Management, Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, and API Security in one comprehensive security solution for Web Applications and API Security (WAAP), making it a compelling choice for businesses concerned about online threats.
  • Edge Computing: Edgio’s edge computing approach is designed to decrease latency and offer faster content delivery, aligning with StackPath’s emphasis on this technology.
  • Global Scale: Edgio’s globally distributed infrastructure has 300 points of presence (PoPs) with 250+ Tbps of capacity, ensuring your streams and software are delivered quickly and securely to users across the globe.

A Detailed Comparison

To make an informed decision, it’s essential to compare StackPath and Edgio comprehensively. Let’s delve further into how Edgio stacks up against StackPath:

Stackpath Edgio
Edge Nodes / PoPs 73 320+
Network Egress 100+ 250+
Load Balancing
Server Failover
Config Propagation Time Not disclosed < 60 seconds
Website Performance
CDN Rules Engine
Dynamic Caching
Predictive Prefetching
Advanced Image Optimization
Advance Resource Compression
Surrogate Keys / Cache Tags
Local dev emulation of Edge
Website Security
DDoS Protection Layer 3, 4, & 7 Layer 3, 4, & 7
Bot Management Detection Standard Enterprise
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Standard Enterprise
Dual WAF
API Discovery
API Security Solution
Security Operations Center
Managed WAF Rules
Origin Shield
Configuration Versioning
Compute & Hosting
Edge Compute (Serverless Scripting)
Cloud Compute
Object Storage
Web Frameworks integration
Virtual Kubelet (VK) support
Orchestration system
Real-time Performance Analytics Suite
Performance Suggestions (DevTools)
Real-time Log Streaming additional charge included

The Power of Cloud and Edge Computing with Edgio

One of Edgio’s defining features is its focus on edge computing. Edge computing allows users to run workloads closer to end-users, leading to decreased latency and faster content delivery. By positioning its infrastructure at the edge, Edgio ensures faster data processing and content delivery. While Edgio does not offer VMs or containers, Edgio offers serverless in the cloud and functions at the edge.

Migrating from StackPath to Edgio

Migrating might seem like a daunting task, but Edgio can help make it a smooth and hassle-free process. Here’s how you can ensure a seamless transition:

  • Begin by assessing your content delivery needs and requirements.
  • Contact Edgio’s support team for guidance and assistance in the migration process.
  • Ensure all your data and configurations are transferred accurately.
  • Anticipate potential challenges and prepare for them in advance.

Edgio will price-match for your CDN, edge computing, performance, and security features for 12 months. Our team is ready to help manage your migration.*

Unhappy with your current contract or concerned about onboarding? Let’s talk.


In the world of CDN services, change is inevitable. StackPath’s decision to discontinue its CDN service is an opportunity for users to explore new, advanced solutions. Edgio is your answer, offering a seamless transition and a range of features that rival or surpass what StackPath provided. Edgio is ready to assist you in your migration journey, ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality content delivery tailored to your needs.

Don’t let the transition from StackPath to Edgio be a challenge. Explore Edgio’s offerings and managed services — and start the migration process today. Our team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to Edgio.

*Price matching is dependent on monthly revenue threshold.


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