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BYJU’S & Edgio: Revolutionizing Education Delivery

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40% better performance on re-buffer rates and video load times
Sample statistic 100% faster
Sample statistic 100% faster

Learn How Seamless Video Delivery Transformed Education

BYJU’S is the world’s most valued edtech company. Launched in 2011, BYJU’S introduced its flagship learning product, BYJU’S -The Learning App in 2015. The app offers engaging video lessons and personalized learning programs for students across classes 4-12. BYJU’S reaches more than 57 million users and has 3.5 million annual paid subscribers.

“There’s been an incredible surge in activity as schools make the switch from physical classrooms to online schooling across India. It’s critical to have high-performance delivery for an e-learning platform to be leading the curve during these challenging times. The scale and performance of [Edgio Delivery] enable us to deliver a superior learning experience for students wherever they’re located.”

Prakash Ramachandran, CTO – BYJU’S

BYJU's Challenge

BYJU’S launched Disney BYJU’S Early Learn app in June 2019 in collaboration with Disney for children ages 6-8. This app also offers learning programs for lower and upper kindergarten children. Considering the attention span of this target group, the video delivery needed not to experience any re-buffer issues. In addition, this app has witnessed a 4X surge in users in the last few months from the COVID-19 pandemic, which further required a delivery platform that could scale to support unprecedented growth.

“The scale and performance of Edgio Delivery enable us to deliver a superior learning experience for students wherever they’re located.”
BASIL B. THOPPIL, Engineering Manager at BYJU’S

BYJU’s Solution

BYJU’S evaluated several CDNs via a proof-of-concept trial and went with Edgio after seeing 40% better performance on re-buffer rates and video load times, higher cache efficiency, and superior customer support.

Edgio uses its private network backbone to deliver content, bypassing internet congestion in the middle mile. Additionally, its dense architecture allows very high caching efficiencies for content, bringing it closer to end users and reducing latency and very short video load times.

As a result, BYJU’S has consistently experienced more than 99% caching efficiency since the Edgio implementation. This improves performance by getting content close to its student end users. It also allows BYJU’S to save costs by greatly reducing egress charges on the origin and by being able to move content to infrequent access storage solutions.

BYJU’S can now deliver broadcast-quality video content to students using virtually any device, anywhere throughout India. Edgio offers a powerful edge services platform, leveraging one of the world’s largest private IP networks and intelligent software optimized for performance.

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