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Chili’s Success with Edgio: High-Quality Streaming Solutions

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Edgio's Reliable CDN Services Fuel Chili's Global Streaming Success

Chili S.p.A. (Chili) is a transactional video-on-demand provider created in Italy in 2012 from a Fastweb spin-off. The company’s mission is to offer clients a large catalog of on-demand videos, TV series and movies. The catalog provided by Chili is one of the widest available at the moment: 5000 movies and more than 2000 TV series. The service is available to its more than 500,000 customers worldwide, on every connected device, from Smart TVs and game consoles to smartphones and tablets.

In a short time, Chili has achieved a leadership position in Italy as a top player in the digital distribution of movies and content and for its highly specialized expertise in developing and managing video platforms. At the end of 2014, Chili began significantly expanding its services in Poland, Austria, Germany and the UK. Leveraging its leadership as an independent company for on-demand videos, Chili has partnered with many top production companies in Europe, replicating its business model in other countries.

“In the growing sector of on-demand content, we want to offer to our customers an extremely innovative service. Today, Chili is a transactional video on-demand provider. In the future, we want to become an entertainment hub providing users a 360̊ experience linked to movies and improving our user experience thanks to gadget trading and partnerships with cinemas.”

“Working at Chili it is really important for us to look for state of the art technology. Making it easier and easier to access to the platform will help us increase our customer base. Working with a reliable partner such as [Edgio] allows us to reach users wherever they are, which is extremely important to us.”

“I can say it was a combination of a good relationship with the people working at [Edgio], the capability of providing cutting-edge technologies that fit our needs, and high-quality services. In short, a perfect combination of people, products and support.”

Stefano Flamia, Chief Technology Officer at Chili

Chili’s Challenge

Chili’s growth is fuelled by its ability to offer users high quality content and the best customer experience on any device anywhere. In 2012 Chili was one of the first companies able to introduce Full HD streaming contents and in June 2015 they launched one of the first certified services for UHD content. Their customer base is growing as users are increasingly watching streaming content.

Chili’s Solution

Cutting-edge technology is essential for Chili in order to provide users with high-quality content globally available on any device. Chili started working with Edgio from the start – Edgio offered all the technologies and consultancy needed to provide users customized personalized platforms and services for video content distribution. With Edgio, Chili is able to reach users anywhere, regardless of the device or the Internet provider they use.

Thanks to Edgio, Chili can guarantee the highest quality content through different Internet providers and network services. Delivering high-quality video content is a tough task, but the collaboration between Chili and Edgio made it possible and resulted in a high-level of customer satisfaction.


Reliability and Scalability
Edgio Delivery provides a reliable and scalable capability for growing needs.

Global Reach
Chili can expand its own services on a global level into new target markets.

Chili can offer users Ultra HD content, because of the capabilities of Edgio.

Cost reduction
Chili’s distribution costs are significantly reduced with the use of CDN.

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